Watermelon Salt

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Watermelon Salt

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we lost vitamins and minerals? If we add a little salt of fruits like cucumber, watermelon?

Like eating fruits like watermelon, cucumber and pineapple. Is it dangerous after cutting the fruit if you add a little salt. Is there any deference.

will not take vitamins or minerals, only control their sodium intake.

Food Additives

a number of additives, dyes, vitamins, minerals, antibiotics and vegetable fibers are added to foods and beverages to improve flavor, taste, texture and shelf life of these.

However, in many cases, these additives are considered safe compounds, although adverse effects appear to be rare in the general population (0.01 0.23%) but higher in atopic individuals (2-7%). Probably because of the difficulty in diagnosis, most information is based on case reports or small series. Reported reactions are mostly mild and can affect the skin, gastrointestinal tract, airways and respiratory tract and, rarely, anaphylaxis.

For example, for the preservation of canned beef sausages in refrigerator 36 hours, a dye is added protection, composed mainly of carnosine, tea polyphenols, citric acid, phytic acid, rosemary and L-cysteine. The agent Staining is composed of lipstick and Monascus bixin

Discoloration due to oxidation of myoglobin, is to heat the materials meat, in the presence of (a)? An inorganic compound containing gas generation and release metal ions generation compounds and metal compounds consisting of ions and (b)? a natural polysaccharide. Therefore, lean pork mixed with chopped natural salt, NaHCO3, carrageenan, xanthan gum, trehalose, glutamate, Na and ice water, baked at 20 ° for 24 h, crushed, mixed with butter, clear powder eggs and spices.

These minerals potassium and sodium nitrite (E 249 and E 250) and nitrate (E 251 and E 252) are allowed for use in products such as food in several non-heat treated, cured and dried meat, cured meat products, canned meat and bacon. The key point in the use of nitrates and nitrites as preservatives is to find a balance between ensuring the microbiological safety ham and maintain the lowest possible level of nitrosamines in the final product. Nitrites and nitrates are approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as additives for ham.

Phosphates as food additives have an effect on water retention, moisture retention, bonding, laminating, thickening of solubilisation, improvement of property owned by chelation of metal ions, and improvement organizational structure and taste of food. . These play an important role in enhancing and improving the quality of food, and near one of the natural ingredients in all foods. They have been widely used as additives in food processing industry Food

For flour and other cereal products in extracts of bamboo leaves feed contain flavonoids, polysaccharides active amino acids special aromatic components and trace elements were added, and has shown promising characteristics as additives food in the fields of physics of functional foods, medical engineering and health, and agriculture because of its properties unique, such as resource-rich anti-oxidants and the effects of longer duration. Cyclodextrins (CDs) are cyclic oligomers are widely used in the food industry as food additives for the stabilization of flavors, flavors or eliminate other undesirable compounds such as cholesterol and prevent microbiological contamination and browning reactions

Organic food supplemented active properties minimizing toxicity (eg, mycotoxins cons) is based watermelon powder (6-7% moisture) should include pectin, protopectin, vitamins C and E and selenium

natural plant extracts such as extracts from Rosa laevigata are used to treat or ameliorate abnormal immunity, the body peroxidn and increase the inflammation caused by factors Propionibacterium acnes-lipopolysaccharide, and treatment of hepatitis or liver damage, abnormal improves immunity, inflammation and body peroxidn.

A soymilk or biologically active additives based bakery products Okara also contains hydrolyzed whey protein and meat as a source of essential amino acids, calcium, eggshell, hemoglobin cattle as a source of heme iron, iodine whey proteins as a source of organic iodine covalent bond, and fiber food.

Other supplements such as vitamins (K, C and D), for example, antibacterial peptide magainin peptides, cecropin D and LL-37, as an antibacterial phospholipid fatty carbohydrates (tihalose example) are also added to various food products to improve their quality Sustainability
and healthy eating.

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