Antique salt shaker

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Antique Salt shaker

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Will you attend the garage sale of P & S? What happens at your table?

I have broken phones. Oops, I mean, renovated. Lots of books, vases and lamps, shoes and 2 huge Cerwin Vega speakers. I have a flute of Rusty (ANTIGUA yeah ...), is a guitar with a small hole in the back. Oh, yes, many polyester jerseys, some Happy Meal toys, a sculpture by Lenny Kravitz, a group of agitators Julia Child of salt and soda for all!

More than 2,000 comics that I collected during the years I thought it be of some value down the road. You know what? No 🙁

Introduction to Vintage Mixed Media Art and assemblies (created from Flea Market Finds, found objects, Ephemera. O Library)

Many people take creative elements own rescue found in a flea market, old papers, damaged or orphaned collection and re-purpose (Re-Cycle) to perform works of art. These art projects can be flat as a collage on paper or in three dimensions in the case of sculptures and assemblages.

Altered Art
In recent years has been an increase in what is called "Altered Art". The art form became popular with the enthusiasm for scrapbooking, although artists have always been "supplies" Altered Art and flea market finds. A beautiful art "altered" can be found that integrates Ephemera (old paper), the attributes of time (perhaps the remains of old fabric or buttons) and other interesting possibilities and extremes. "Altered Art" also called Mixed technique uses a variety of materials and products (adhesives, paints, dry media) under various forms (shadow boxes, collages, books, journals, canvas, etc.)

Discovery Art and Collectibles Flea Market
Another trend that has continued to attract creative people use flea market finds "and" recycling "to" functional art ". An old Pyrex bowl in kitchen becomes a screen or a shelf is painted a new color and hanging on the wall instead of using floor etc.Of for antique furniture and a variety of collectibles has always been a favorite "Support" (surface) for many artists who like "painting designs to hands on these items.

Functional Art
Artists prefer to do what is "functional" elements, like a fork or glass beverage or the key and to integrate these objects into a combined "or hang on the wall in new ways. The media can be used as arm a clock or orphaned salt is reused as the body of a doll figure. Vintage advertising tins are particularly prized by artists who reuse these materials and produced "Tin Can assemblies or" figures Tin Vintage ..

Outsider Art
With the increased attention to the environment, is good to reuse the treasures of the past in new ways. Remember however that for generations and generations, have found new uses for common everyday objects. "Junk Art" is not really a new concept at all. Some sophisticated "junk art" sold for a lot of money. You seem to many forms of "Outsider Art "and" Tramp Art "command prices in the tail of the auction.

C. Dianne Zweig is a Mixed Media aritst and the author of Hot Kitchen & Home Collectibles of the 30s, 40s, 50s and Hot Cottage Collectibles for Vintage Style Homes. She is also the Editor of an actively growing internet based resource community for people who buy, sell or collect antiques, collectibles and art . You can find Dianne's fabulous retro and vintage kitchen, home and cottage collectibles at The Collinsville Antiques Company of New Hartford, CT , a 22,000 feet antique emporium with an in-house retro cafe.

If you would like to contact Dianne, email her at or visit her website at

Dianne is a member of: The American Society of Journalists and Authors The Authors Guild, Inc.

Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers