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Boy Girl Salt

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Based on my characteristics, I have a boy or a girl?

I have 17 weeks of pregnancy and will next week for the BIG ultrasound where hope to know the sex if he cooperates little snot! What do you think, boy or girl? * Terrible morning sickness weeks 5 weeks 14 * transport do not show much * * * Under no dramatic change in the chest with no strange cravings, but some days I want candy, and others who feel like salt heartbeat * to 10 weeks was 170 * my gut tells me funny girl and I'll be sure to update next week!

Girl:) Good luck and baby powder pink:)

How to conceive a girl

When planning to have children is very common to have a preference. Some couples may feel a little guilty that they are trying to design a particular genre, but it is normal to want to have on one another. Unfortunately, outside of insemination artificial, there is really no way to guarantee that will create the kind you want, but there's stuff that does not hurt to try.

If you trying to conceive a child, there are many methods that some women swear. Many of these methods are based on the calendar when designing or modifying your diet. Regardless of any changes in your life that you do, you can ensure that what you do not harm the pregnancy.

When learning to conceive a child, time is probably one of the most important things. There are many urban legends that suggest the couple has sex in the afternoon, but many of these legends are not as effective as time. Sperm that determines a girl lives longer than the one determined child and should have sex a few days before ovulation, but almost sperm to survive. Time in this way prevent the sperm to survive and there is more chance of conceiving a child.

For parents trying to learn to conceive a girl, it is important to pay attention the date on which the woman is ovulating. In fact, there is less chance of conceiving a girl child, yet so perfect can make all the difference. A method states is expected to have a letter from the Chinese conception of the matching maternal age with the month of conception. It is important to use the lunar month and age to determine the best time to conceive. The Chinese conception chart is available online to allow accurate predictions, however, My research shows that this method is not as effective as has been said.

Many people believe that way of conceiving a girl is to bring changes to your diet. It is said that the more acidic diet will help give birth to a daughter. There is a theory that the creation of a acidic environment in the body through foods such as grapefruit, oranges and lemons, will kill sperm. It is also believed that diets rich in calcium and low salt help to conceive.

Although it may not be able to guarantee the sex of their child having a baby is always a miracle and a gift. Remember tips are not 100% accurate and does not guarantee in any way you conceive. There are many urban legends are not based on sound science, so they may not be the best advice to conceive. The most accurate advice on how to conceive a girl are calendar-based and women as individuals.

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