Ceramic Salt

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Ceramic Salt

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Does anyone know what the white substance is formed in the bottom of my Ceramic Salt shaker?

The salt and moisture. Coffee has not been properly ice cream as my son made friends for her. He drank half the liquid is put into it and took a week to slowly leach.

Today I will talk about caring for your cell AquaRite salt (specifically, T cells 15). Firstly, if you know your salt cell is dead and must be replaced, the best price online is Amazon. They have the best price, best delivery options and the best policy return if something goes wrong. That said, I will discuss here in this article will extend the life of your cell phone T 15 well beyond what the owners Most pool of experience. Preformed by only a little preventive maintenance will save you lots of money and aggravation symptoms long term. Let's start ...

The secret to keep your cell phone T 15 running smoothly and efficiently is possible that the cell cleaning every few months. Depending on the hardness of the water is, you can get away with cell cleaning a little less often, but sure Always clean the salt chamber of at least three times a year - about once every four months. Conversely, if you have more water may need cell cleaned more often. For example, I have a very hard water where I live and the need to clean the T cells 15 or less every two months. Do not worry not purchase a test kit to test against the hardness of water. Just keep an eye on the amount of calcium that accumulates each time they clean his cell. My recommendation is to start with a period of three calendar months and any necessary adjustments.

The first step is to remove the cell from its pool equipment. Start by making your pool equipment is switched off and the operating mode if you do not even time they are working. Open Hayward Goldline control unit (usually a white box on the wall). This is where your phone connects to the salt. Again, make sure the camera was stopped at the control unit, and unplug the great white down control unit. Now he wants to remove the salt cell plumbing. All you have to do is loosen the big hand accessories mounted on both sides the Tcell 15. Water released to withdraw the cell salt, but do not worry, it's normal.

Once you have removed the salt the cell, it leads to a workspace where you can use hydrochloric acid, without worrying too much about what is going to destroy. Personally, I like not work on my pool and everything spills go to good use in reducing my pH levels. Take a look inside the cell. All flaky white buildup on the inside is what you want to delete. The most easy to achieve the next step is to use the T 15 cell cleaning stand. I can not stress enough how easy this makes the workstation.

T cells 15 must be clean vertical - up and bottom. The bracket should be screwed into the end with the power cord (more on that later). Once you end the cell salt that is paid 1 / 3, acidic water and 2.3 in the cell - all the way up. Be very careful not to get acid in the skin and eye protection if splashing as you add. Now, should not be mixed with acid exactly one third to two thirds water, but a good rule. There is enough acid to do the job, not many will begin to eat the plastic components and interior. Acid fumes and bubbles coming out of the upper part of the cell salt is normal and shows that cleaning is in progress. We must let the process continue for at least 30 minutes sometimes more. Once the bubbles have stopped, empty the contents of the cell and back into the pool. Take a look inside the cell to determine if all the calcium (all white flocculent material) disappeared. If yes, your cell is clean and ready to be reinstalled. Otherwise, repeat steps above until all the calcium that is gone.

Cleaning the cell with the cord down a huge advantage. Right next to the place where the cable enters the unit, there is a sensor of salt. This sensor is used by the system to determine the amount of salt in water. Is the sensor reading is obtained from the salt in the control unit. Hold the sensor down for cleaning so that the sensor is clean as possible. Why is this important? Well, T-15 cells will change the chlorine production in the amount of salt in water. In fact, if the cell determines the water enough salt, which in turn, 15 T cells completely to avoid damage. Have only a small amount of calcium accumulation on the sensor can cause many problems for you and your pool. Cleaning the sensor on the bottom will make sure it's clean as possible.

Once clean, install the Tcell 15 in the same way it removed. Make sure the plastic parts around the cell are the steady hand and the water does not flow when Resetting the system. That's it! With a little care, your Hayward Goldline T Cell AquaRite 15 will last for years and years.

Next time I will discuss a sure-fire way to determine if your salt cell needs to be replaced. For updated information, please visit our T Cell 15 site.

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