Chick Salt Pepper

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Chick Salt pepper

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With today's economy, often both spouses work to make ends meet. That leaves trying to make dinner a chore at times. People are always looking for good, simple recipes and economical to prepare. Naturally, you want your family a nutritious meal and filling at once.

At home, I have some abundant appetites. I always try to serve food that is good and also a long way. I found that my chicken and baked potatoes have proved a favorite of all. I share my recipe.


1 LG. chicken
1 LG. pepper
2 lg. onions
6 lg.potatoes
kitchen bouquet
, Salt, red pepper, black pepper and


Start by washing your chicken (leave whole chicken). Then Season chicken with salt, paprika and black pepper, or if you prefer, you can season with the mixture of the season. Then I take Kitchen Bouquet (a liquid Browning) and rub generously seasoned whole chicken. I Place the chicken in a large roasting pan (no fat) and cut peppers into strips and onion and whole chicken in its entirety. Put the covered barbecue oven (400). Bake in oven for 1 1 / 2 hours ... while the chicken cooks, peel and cut the potatoes into large bite-size pieces. Add salt and about 2 c. soup. the branch of cooking potatoes and set aside. After the chicken has cooked for 1 1 / 2 hours, add potatoes to the oven, with roast chicken and mix with chicken fat and onions and peppers. Cover the roasting pan and cook for another 30 minutes (until the potatoes are tender when filled with a fork). Toaster discover and roast in oven and sauté 5 minutes or to your satisfaction.

The chicken can be prepared yesterday ... in fact, is filtered in the seasoning and is tasty!

If you are a chicken lover as I am, then I am sure you will love this baked chicken. It is so juicy and the potatoes cooked in the chicken drippings along with the onions and bell peppers are "out of this world". ENJOY!

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