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Fish Salt

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Did crushed coral in a tank of saltwater fish?

I am a saltwater aquarium and I just wondered if he had chopped it has coral been so I could put fish in it? if I'm going to do a fish only saltwater tank, this type of things you can put in more rock, ect coral reef? "I can regulation put in rock? Coming so great Rocky Mountains and the things they sell in shops, or as a rock in your backyard? rock like that. or I can have plants Plastic Silk / in the saltwater tank? anything you can put in a tank of saltwater fish only?

The substrate used can be crushed agronite coral sand, but it's all going to work for you. Are deposits with a bare butt, but their filtration systems can handle the load filters Mudd call mudd system can be very costly to implement. The Rock .. You want what is called curing Live Rock. Rock in a coral rock SW tank is not the rock in your garden. The reason is known as "living stones" are beneficial bacteria that live on or in the rock. It also adds minerals to your tank that your creatures are need.The rocks as the best but not the fish can not move! lol Rock Live also allows you to filter the water to be clear and balanced. I was 200 pounds rock in my 55 plants ... plastic plants if you want you can as long as you keep it clean .. In fact, the plastic can put the chemical in the water do not want! Silk can be a best option. mixture of salt ... There are many different brands of salt mix ... Tropic found underwater. I could go again and again, but here are some links who can answer your questions .. Please check out other sites before setting up a book and read Take what you want to keep in your tank. You will be much happy and his creatures, if you do it right the first time!

It was probably 4 years old when Santa brought me my own saltwater aquarium. I do not remember how tall he was, but I'm sure it was not great. The first experiment led to a fascination that became my passion and life hobbies long life.

For those of you who want to enter the hobby, I will explain the do's and don'ts to help you succeed. I hope I can help you avoid some of the frustrations that can occur when you start in this hobby. The first objective is to find a store salt water good for fish.

These are the first "do" to consider: do the necessary research background and, second, consider if you have time and financial resources to maintain a healthy marine system. Frustration is the first experiment is to find a reliable source counseling training and quality products. When you start in what should be a life of pleasure, becomes an expensive disaster if it is not done correctly. This can be avoided by looking for a aquarium shop staff who take time to learn the basics.

How how is the quality of the store? The best advice I can give you is to find a clean shop, with no evidence of dead fish. Look for good clean water and clear, but more importantly, to get a good education personnel who have a passion for what they do and are willing to take the time to explain questions or decisions you may have. Remember, you're the client, and simple mistakes can be costly.

The sections of the aquarium "Stores" are controlled by big people who know very little about the details of success in saltwater aquariums. With complexity and price of saltwater aquariums and livestock, the choice can be intimidating for beginners. Although the animals are relatively low maintenance, keeping fish in general, requires some basic knowledge and patience. The sensitivity of the life of brine may be larger than their freshwater counterparts. When you meet a team of people who have a passion about your business, you will have the same opinion, whatever you ask. You can leave the comfort he has done his research well and have made a good decision.

With a trusted source for your Aquarium and livestock, and some basic knowledge, you can start with the beauty and adventure of life that will last a lifetime.

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