Glass salt pepper shakers

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Glass Salt Pepper shakers

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I do not want to paint my Salt and pepper shakers you want some ideas to do with clear glass

About engraving and etching patterns on them? You can buy templates for engraving your local store, and burn cream and do it very easily. (You can also create your own templates using the contact paper and a knife to cut the exact pattern you want.) Or you can use the piece of glass in one hand a Dremel tool and burn patterns on them. Personally, I think the engraving is much precise easier because you have to be very Dremel and a little false move and lost.

The wedding dress and veil

The color of the bride dress is probably one of the best known of all the traditions of marriage. Since the color 16th century white is associated with purity and virginity. Many also establish the tradition of wearing white to Queen Victoria who decided to forgo the usual color of money. Before that, women just married his beautiful dress the color of your choice.

It is said that one of the main objectives of the sail back to the days of arranged marriages. The family of the bride in May was afraid her husband would flee if didnÂ't potential to meet their expectations. And the bride wore a veil until her father gives away the groom.

First used by ancient Romans brides, the veil has also served to protect them from evil spirits by acting as a disguise.

Olda Something ...

The Victorian era gave us this wedding song popular

Something old, something again

Something borrowed, something blue

A silver coin in her shoe

A "something Olda" refers the expectations of old friends depart for the wedding. The bride is often given a league-bearing age woman who has been happily married. Â 'Neva something "is used to symbolize the combined new and hopefully prosperous future together.

A borrowed "Something" is generally an object with values Loaned to the girlfriend of his family. Returning to the subject ensures that you have the chance. The custom blue is "something", said he began many years ago in Israel, when brides wore blue ribbons in their hair as a representation fertility.

 "a silver coin in her shoe" was used to ensure the newlyweds had a lot of wealth in their married life. Even if today most brides opt for a penny in the shoe six pence in cash arenÂ't as common as ever.


A tradition that dates back to the superstition of centuries, servants in marriage, known as the bridesmaids were really necessary to protect the bride from evil spirits. They dress the same way so that any evil that lurks be confused and unable to cast spells for the bride. Today, of course, the bridesmaids are more useful to help plan the wedding and reunion of the bride on the big day.

The wedding cake

According to tradition, the bride should be to cut the cake first, not the couple is curse of a childless marriage. Also it is believed to be bad luck for the new couple so all guests who attended did not eat at least one small part of the wedding cake.

The bride should also take a piece of cake for herself to ensure that her new husband is always faithful.

Bouquet and Garter Toss

Tradition says that women who catches the bridal bouquet will be the next to enter married life. Of Similarly, the League bridle thrown over the shoulder of husband guests single men who hope that the next wedding.

The honeymoon

The honeymoon is considered back to the time when the bridegroom captured his bride, hidden by the two parents until they were with the child. Honey wine was drunk in the hope of fertility increases as the phases of the moon passes, leading to the honeymoon name.

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Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers