Glass Salt Pepper

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Glass Salt pepper

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Without wishing to offend: Can I take my pigs ornamental in Egypt?

I collect the ornaments of pigs for many years and have in all its forms and uses: Chop advice, Salt and pepper Pictures of glass, wood, China, I intend to retire to Egypt and I wondered if my "icons pig" could cause offense. I know that eating the flesh of pigs is against Islam, but my library to offend. I Posted this question because I do not know the answer, not to offend anyone, not to invite criticism. When I move, I intend to fully respect the country. I thank all those who are able to give me an educated response in advance. I just wanted to thank all of you who have not only responded, but had time to explain and share their opinions. It was very informative and helped me to look forward to share my life with you in the future all the more attractive.

Hello, Muslims do not eat pork, of course, but Arent supposed to hate them both .... Personally I think theyre cute. But this, he said, or will run into a lot of "Oink phobia practicing Muslims" do not generally keep statues / ornaments or as it is conceived as an attempt to imitate the creation of Allah (SWT) and people who draw pictures, statues, etc will be invited to give life to what they have created the day trial. But that's OK If You're Going just to keep these things on a shelf at home, I wouldnt worry about it, his house, after all ..... I urge U to become a Muslim, but free and pigs:)

The barbecue is as American as apple pie. It is the scent evokes memories of baseball games, swimming and family vacations. Hydrants When the grill is on. Preparation for the roast is also important that the kitchen itself. Marinating infuses flavor into the meat, ensuring a delicious family meal which will not easily forget.

Marinating is the process of soaking meat in a mixture of an acid (vinegar, lemon juice or wine example) and spices (ie salt, pepper and herbs.) acid making the flesh softens to maintain more liquid, making it more juicy and flavorful. Precautions must be taken to make the marinade, too acid to harden the meat. If marinating poultry, meat finger holes with a fork, or use injector needle. Remove the skin allows the marinade to penetrate completely meat. (Leaving the skin compromises the taste.) Poultry can be refrigerated in a covered container for 2 days in a marinade. (The meat should always be covered in the refrigerator.) Marinating time depends size pieces, and the type of meat. Chicken breast is longer than the steak, because it is firmer. To reduce the amount of time to marinate the meat cut into small pieces. You can also pound the chicken flat to reduce the time.

There is a variety suitable container for marinating. Metals, plastics, glass containers and all the work. My favorite containers, however, are the plastic bags. When a bag is used a smaller quantity of marinade is needed because the air can be drawn. The meat is completely covered to allow flavors to infuse more quickly and uniformly. In addition, the bag can be removed when the work is done, which makes cleaning quick and easy.

There are some safety tips to take into account when marinating poultry, meat and fish. Raw meat and fish contain juice May that harbor harmful bacteria. To avoid contamination never reuse a marinade. Do not reuse containers without washing thoroughly with soap to wash the dishes. Do not marinate the meat in the past to use the grocery store "with" date. And finally, always marinate in the refrigerator - never at room temperature.

Marinade Italian Chicken Place 2 lbs. strips chicken in a plastic bag. Add 8 oz Italian dressing, juice of 1 fresh lemon, a few turns of pepper and salt. Marinate several hours in the refrigerator. Remove the bag and place on a grill. During the last minutes of grilling time, place the lemon slices over chicken. Serve grilled chicken with a small amount Italian dressing unused.

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