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Hug Couple Salt

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take a round of drilling swollen?

I have once crossed my week 10. everything was fine. Then, two weeks ago, a friend went to embrace and hit my head against my ear. It felt like a fool. Its recently had problems since then. Today I went to look for new set of flash jewelry and thanks my friend drunk and dig the hole too. He said again in a couple of weeks and clean it with Bactine in the meantime. I was always told not to use Bactine of piercings. I'm so confused! Tips on how fast I can get the swelling? and what you recommend I use to clean it? I can use salt water for the last month. Thanks for your time!

ibuprofen, and if the infection absorbs sea salt. Do not use creams !!!!!

16 ways to find pleasure invaluable House

Sex can be fun. It can be boring if we treat it as if drinking a glass of water. The good news is that we keep the fun in our sex life by continuously improving our ability to love.

Here the 16 ways to spice up your sex life:

(1) Connection and talk to him often

Talk about things that excite / Her. Know things that awaken your mind to the magic, the moment came. In addition to talking about sex with him and share their sexual fantasies you and your partner shall speak more generally. Improve your communication and talk with him more often will increase your intimacy with him / her and help reduce less inhibited when you have sex. You can also play games with your romantic partner, including the private matters that can do wonders in opening lines of communication leading to sexual arousal increased later.

(2) Watch for signs of your partner's life

For example, you can give the green light for sex by asking him to watch TV before going to bed. Read the signs your partner is something you learn over time. This is an essential communication between the two must have to enjoy sex with each other.

(3) Play to your regular

No Do not make the mistake of thinking that is just for the bedroom. physical proximity is an essential part of his awakening. Schnarch, a sex coach known, hugs recommended for 5 minutes at least once a week. Hugs says will give a clearer picture of the state of their relationship. How does your hug your partner? How is distracted? Embrace will give you the information you need to repair any damage that may affect your sex life.

(4) Be romantic

Great sex is not limited to what you do in the bedroom. At any time so they feel loved and appreciated. You have to demonstrate that there is more to their relationship than sex. Make statements expressing his love for it in the appropriate manner. Saying "I like you", when in reality it is very important for women. Pleased to hear and feel the love you have for them. romantic gestures such as candle light dinners unexpected red roses or even a financial gift to some customization and adaptation to their need to represent much appreciated.

(5) Maintaining your sense of self

Being comfortable with yourself as a person, developing self-esteem will help you gain confidence in life and bedroom. More confidence, better achieved and the better you feel about sex.

(6) Spend time together

Timing and continue to court of another, as you do before marriage. A date night is an effective way to build good sex. When you get home after a night of fun, two of you will not be able to resist the temptation to have sex.

(7) Exercises regularly

Sex is an activity of labor. Your heart rate and respiration increase rapidly and dramatically. Press muscles and leave time for a period of time. Your body temperature rises significantly, although not a sitting marathon. Eat well and get enough exercise will help keep your sexual performance. It also helps relieve stress and stimulate production of endorphins - hormones wellness in your brain - which increases the sexual desire and, potentially, can make your orgasms stronger. You do not need to be a super athlete by any means, but the physical basis for improving sexual function. Running, walking, swimming or other activity that can strengthen your heart, 3 to 4 days a week can help increase your sexual desire and burning calories. Studies have shown that regular exercise a report of a drive of more sex. This may be related to surges of testosterone (male hormone essential A) may occur immediately after resistance training such as weightlifting, or immediately after training such as running resistance.

(8) Eat foods that boost testosterone

Yes, you read correctly - "increased testosterone. "But the exercise is not the only natural way to spice up your body's production of testosterone. There is another great way to do that because there are certain foods that are naturally increase your level of testosterone. Regular food with aphrodisiac effects include oysters, lean beef, beans, chicken, eggs, cottage cheese, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, garlic, bananas, celery, dark chocolate, ginger, honey, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, peas chickpeas, nuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, wheat bran, wheat germ, cardamom, red wine, pomegranates, asparagus, cabbage, licorice, oats, flax, figs, fennel, avocado, almonds, basil. Good nutrition is important because foods low in salt may help increase sexual desire and libido.

(9) Spend more time on foreplay

Most women need a lot preliminaries to help lubricate. Spend more time on foreplay by kissing, oral sex, a back massage, massage or an act in another can help increase the sexual tension, which is a sure way to do better than sex.

(10) Get more oral sex

When oral sex on her, men should refrain from striking motions with his tongue. movements slower and softer, as if licking cream Ice is generally better. When a man oral sex, women must keep their gold teeth your body and use the lips and tongue in place.

(11) Be creative

Discover your partner's body and find exciting new ways and try new sexual positions that will wake him. See facial expressions and hear the sounds of excitement. If you hit a place the alarm / she with simplicity, focus your attention on this area will help to light the flames of passion. You can also leave the bedroom and make love in another room of the house. Your coach or kitchen table may be better alternatives.

(12) Be spontaneous

While some people have to schedule time for sex can be just as exciting to have sex with your partner unexpectedly. If his husband is in the bathroom getting ready for work and rubs against him, pushing him against the wall and kiss him right which can lead to sex. The The Day two will start in the right mood.

(13) dressed for sex

The use of lingerie sexy boxers or silk (or nothing) underneath their normal clothing will help you feel sexy and slightly naughty. This puts you in the mood for sex and throughout of the day waiting impatiently when you finally get to have sex.

sex (14) The aid

It is good to take a vibrator in bed or use KY Jelly to make sex less painful or simply encourage more. L-arginine cream can instantly work to increase blood flow to the clitoris when applied to the right of the clitoris before intercourse. A wide range of sex aids can be found in sex shops today and buy your couples to choose the type of items that appeal to both. However, at any time no one should feel compelled to join if not comfortable.

(15) From time to time, opt for sex quickie

For working couples, with the participation in the polishing of sex may be a luxury for some of them, but you should take the time to enjoy this wonderful activity. A quickie sex large peak during lunch or before work can still feel refreshed, satisfied and full.

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