Hug Couple Salt

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Hug Couple Salt

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Ideas for a theme of "match made in heaven?

In my fraternity, we experience a dance of the date and the theme is match made in (the sky perfect par / par Guy and girl). I do not want to be something typical like Salt and pepper and the cliché of other things. I selected "as hugs and kisses" or "Whip Cream and Cherries", but I wonder if anyone can think of something better! And it would be better if there Humor / Naughty Involved!

Chocolate peanut butter, you can draw your butter in the chocolate peanut ... lol

However a partnership boring boring and not the other, makes sense. Yes, if you do not want to add insult to injury, or a pinch of salt in a wound area.

These are some simple activities you can try to erase the feeling of dryness and replaced by a new enthusiasm:

First, bring back the old days. Yes, the first time you meet, where, when and how ... What have you done, what was your first word love, etc. first kiss, hug, even first slap, kick or anything.

Secondly, remember their first spectacle of his temperament. His temper tantrums, his indifference, his games, his cheating on you, etc., thus have a good laugh after recalling how Kinks ironed.

Third, rated himself. It is a question of love temperature class. You're still madly in love with her / him? Or simply crazy not to love? Ugh! Yes, they kept the key. Do something before it's too late. He or she might want the death him / her to find another couple, eh ... What if he / she had already found one? Ouch! Just kidding, buddy.

Fourth, after have seen their weaknesses or what, it's time to rekindle the flame-age his love of yesteryear. If it used to be soft and very your partner, it is time that we had to show again. He / she has been surprised by a sudden change, but of course we appreciate his efforts and could make a difference in their current state.

Finally, never underestimate the power of the simple gesture of touching. Ask your partner experience Massage simple, and chances are, they both feel a new connection for some time lost the magic we call love.

You can think of other ways, but the above are just some examples to try and find their magic. Re Yes, it is worth the life of the time romantic - that get a new partner and start over from scratch.

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