Hug salt and pepper shakers

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Hug Salt and pepper shakers

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Does this girl like me?

I met a girl and she gave me her number without me asking. We talked over the phone for 2 hours eventualy the first time and went on a "date". while we were out playing with her hair a lot (stroked) and kept changing the position of the salt and pepper on the table. At the end of our night, I walked her home and she gave me this big hug. Now my question is ... Do you like or just want to hang out?

She loves you

Choose colors of your wedding is one of the first decisions to make in planning your big day. Immediately after you say "Yes!" And slide the ring on her finger, you have to choose colors that affect all other decisions in the planning process. flowers, dresses, Cake Decorating ... whatever. Not even be discussed until it resolves the issue of color.

Once you get the colors set in stone, then your job is to ensure you select for the wedding is coordinated with the color of honor. Marriage thanks you choose is no different. It must match the color and / or theme as much as possible. Fortunately for you, your girlfriend has a wide selection of souvenirs favors to go with each theme and colors. Find a service to match your wedding colors never been easier!

White and black

This classic look has never been as popular. You can go to the paddle strictly in black and white, or may choose to add accents of bright colors like turquoise or red. If you want to stay with black and white, "Mr. hugs and kisses and Mrs. "scented soaps are exactly what you need. The beautiful black and white patterned boxes open to reveal white soaps shaped X and O. The "Timeless Traditions Black and White Photo Coasters or adorable Bride and Groom Salt and Pepper will also make perfect bridal shower for this color scheme.

For a winter wedding in black and white, try the snowflake, registered Elegance "Favor Boxes chocolate inside. And if you want a memory that will add a pop of color to your table, elegant orchid gel candle favors Marriage is the thing. Perfume bottles from Egypt are also an excellent way to bring color to your wedding in black and white. Your guests will love these elegant wedding favors are unique handmade by Egyptian artisans.


Spring and summer are the best seasons for a wedding cake. There are so many beautiful shades of pink, green, blue, purple and yellow to choose from. The theme Spring "Four Seasons" Coasters Glass and Long Stem Rose Soap Wedding Memories are two favors maximizing the pink tones. And the theme favors add stylish shades Yellow Calla Lilly. The "Personalized Personality" Travel Candles, On the other hand, come in boxes with lids of personal charm in a variety of colorful designs. Thus, you can choose the style and color that best coordinates with the rest of the wedding accessories.

Inspired by nature

Each resort has its own nature inspired color selection. Wedding Fall are tall, dark chocolate, deep red and gold. The "Autumn Elegance" Laser-Cut Wedding Favor The boxes are the ideal way tie in all colors. If you are planning a winter wedding, you can go with blue ice, snow white, or red and green holiday. The icing on the wedding cake Winter Cake Sailing is the perfect finishing touch for your reception tables wedding theme winter blue. Or choose a holiday theme Candle favors for a Christmas wedding.

Spring brings a chance to use the colors of flowers and butterflies. The Butterfly Garden Gift Baskets with packets wildflower seed will delight your guests and for their combination of spring colors. Having a summer wedding? The sand and sea colors of the beach are ideal. Try the spread "of" Love Shell Spreader Set or alone Candlestick beach theme if you are looking for a marriage will help set the stage for your wedding sand and surf.

If you decide to go to fashion with turquoise and black or pink and white ballet, we title = "party"> Party Favors to express their feelings and to impress your guests. Wedding favors, find wedding favors for every budget, style, and yes ... all colors.

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