Hugging salt shakers

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Hugging Salt shakers

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A randomized study of 20 characters ... WTF?

1) favorite kind of soup 2) Have you ever had a pet that he hid from his parents? 3) Play Doh or silly putty? 4) What will you trade me dry for two glue sticks and a Salt shaker? 5) Can I have a hug? 6) What happened in the bare mud? 7) What would you do if you have an aircraft?

1. Crab soup or lobster 2. N 3. Silly Putty all the way, shape, bounce, printing new copy in it ... not to be missed! 4. A pepper and two strips of tape used tube 5. Always 6. Yes 7. A special place in my ship

When he moved a lot of things better - a shelter against the elements, and more control temperature. However, most living in the open air, we continued to isolate indoors. and our homes to try to be more in control, our quality of indoor air has become more out of control. Let 5 of the most common pollutants that everyone has in their homes, and an effective way to eliminate them.

1. Powder The house is unavoidable. He just lint in clothes, upholstered furniture and curtains, fine particles of dust and sand blowing from the outside and may contain small pieces of metal that comes from the hinges! Â

2. Mites feed on dead skin that all creatures of warm-blooded shed. your favorite place in your home is your bed, making the air in your room thick with them while you go about your daily routines to shake the sheets to the bed, or having your 6-year career and jump on the bed in the morning to give a protein hug. in feces is an allergen known to many, and are a formidable opponent because they are very prolific. Â

3. Molds and Mold spores are part of nature. They are everywhere and the air entering through the gates when entering and leaving our homes. Although you can not see with the naked eye, if you are allergic to them, the nose knows they are there's and can cause slight damage to their homes when they find a water source (basements, bathrooms, under the kitchen sink) where they multiply, grow and destroy. Â

And speaking of children 6 years showed that children who are exposed to large numbers of mites are more likely to develop asthma than those which are not. Â

4. Pollen is a natural renewal and pollination always happens somewhere. And because the pollen is so easy in air, can travel hundreds of miles and can easily be blown into your home in the windy dry days. Â

5 films skin. Pet died of warm-blooded animals and is produced by cats, dogs, birds, ferrets, rabbits and other cute, cuddly Intelligence, hairy creatures who came on behalf of the company shop.e You might think: "I have no animals, but not necessarily have a pet that dander.Â

If you got into a car with a pet, or work with someone who has a pet, or even have a friend who often visits the house that has a pet, you most likely have dandruff in your home for the association.

Dandruff sticks to clothing, hair, packaging, walls, studies have found furniture. dander in homes where pets offices never lived. And of course if you have a warm-blooded animal you are walking or flying living with the manufacturer of film 24 hours every day. Â

So what is the point of all this? These 5 a common contaminant is a natural part of What is not natural is the high percentage is in the air in our homes, because they are so insulated. These pollutants have literally no way out, unless your air filter. Â

A great stop particle efficiency (abbreviated as HEPA) air purifier is designed to remove house dust, mites, molds and spores Mold, pollen and pet dander to .3 microns. it does with 99.97% efficiency, is to say, for every 10,000 air pollutants, eliminate 99,997 of those all too common indoor pollutants.

An excellent HEPA air purifier to remove these 5 common indoor air pollutants and more is offered by - the HealthMate Air Purifier See it now at

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