Individual salt and pepper shakers

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Individual salt and Pepper shakers

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Any suggestions for a nice thanksgiving table?

I am hosting my first Thanksgiving this year. There are going to be about 12 people at my apartment for the meal. We are going to have to seat people at two tables that do not match each other. One is a tall pub table with backless stools and the other is a normal dining table so we cannot just push them together to create one long table. I do not have place settings for 12 so we are going to have to use paper plates and plastic cups and flatware. Do you have any suggestions for making this a nice looking meal. I do not have a ton of money to spend on it. We have a buffet table that we are going to use for all of the food to be set out on. Thanks for any suggestions you can offer to me. I would like to make it look nice for everyone.

You might want to check out a new Thanksgiving article entitled "Thanksgiving Entertaining." The article features just about everything Thanksgiving you can imagine from invitations to table decor. Some of the items may be too expensive but others are definitely more reasonable. It also features a nice selection of elegant and fun paper goods. At the very least, you can use the article for inspiration.

Table Conundrum:
Like you, my dining room table does not seat 12 so I have invested in a folding table which we store away when not in use. Basically I set up the tables in a "T" so that everyone can talk to one another. I have 2 white/cream colored table cloths that I put on each table and then add color with either placemats or sometimes, I even use pretty 12 x12 scrapbooking paper. Even if you choose not to invest in a utility table, in order to tie the room together, consider using complimentary or matching table cloths on both tables. If you choose patterned paper goods, stick to solid placemats or scrapbook paper.

Setting an Elegant Table:
Now down the center of your tables use 1-2 small flower arrangements, small flower vases or even shot glasses with just a couple of deep hued autumn flowers cut short, or mini terra cotta pots planted with a burgundy, gold, and/or orange mini gerbera daisy plant. Alternate the flowers either with simple fall colored candles and candlesticks or fun Thanksgiving candles. The candlesticks do not need to match and preferably are of different heights. In between the flowers and candles throw in some miniature pumpkins and gourds available at your local grocery store. Finally, add tea lights, grouped or solo, wherever there is extra space and maybe pick up a cute Thanksgiving Salt and Pepper shaker like those featured in the article. You will have to play with all the elements to see how many of each your table can comfortably handle.

Scrapbook Placemats
If you are crafty, another placemat option is to actually create an individual Thanksgiving theme scrapbook "page" for each placemat with pictures of you and your guests. Be sure to laminate each page or put them in an individual plastic sleeve. This makes for a lovely Thanksgiving "favor" or after the Thanksgiving festivities start a Thanksgiving only scrapbook which you can add to each year as creating your placemats becomes your annual tradition.

Hope this helps. Best of luck and Happy Thanksgiving!

"It is time ... I need a solution," I said. I need that feeling again. The time for my big house all unravel. My husband and son going camping for 4 days and have an appointment with my house. I went through the house before, so I know the feeling I feel when I'm finished.

When I know it's time to clean? Well, usually knows when I feel my invisible dog-o-Meter "was struck" Alert! "A little more than usual. You see, your house is a reflection of what's happening in your life. So if you have drawers stuffed ready to fly, and magazines batteries stacked on the floor, creating what could be oh-so-urge China to ease towards the chamber wind, or the feeling of unresolved "issues" accumulating in his life.

The other day I just took a look in my bedroom closet and found 6 results pillows additional. 4 appear to be "at its output, but nobody had the courage to do" and 2 are still in their original packaging. How this happens, I wonder? There are four pillows on the guest bed itself!

For those who do not enjoy it completely unravel, let me you offer some advice. Let the problems in the tissues and back to a place focused on de-cluttering!

Firstly, at the beginning of each project with the three step mantra, delete, sort and organize. "If you clean the drawer of his or Undie loft all, these three steps are as they could obtain a favorable outcome. Just go around and shoot anything that is not necessary in this space, then classify the decision (or underwear in that pile of laundry and the second string in that cell.) Then, once you have your separate things, then arrange the elements in space.

That's how I'll tackle the whole house. On heating, I intend to start a place that can do a "victory" feel quickly: the drawers in the dining room of China. (stay away from places that you know will take you through memory lane or to put it in Ortiz Emotional first to launch the movement.) I know that the cabin is a drawer full of mold brulPes Trader Joe's crà ¨ me (too good to discard that I added to the pile) and decides to keep the position 12 and the rest in a stack to keep in the center of the room. Woo-hoo! I'm on a roll! Look how well that is mold box with only 12 there!

Oops - What next in the drawer? Oh my God, 6 sets of chicken Salt and pepper shakers in the shape that I thought it would be Thanksgiving. Really? Hen-shaped salt and pepper shakers? What was I smoking when he spends money that? And fun, but I have not even fired their original boxes in the two years I owned them. Be the chicken is stupid away! What is "clip" (the word I use for the strange feeling that obtained when ejected perfectly well that the money was spent), but I am on the other side of it. The good news is that I know the bra, not even close to overwhelming feelings well I get when I'm on the other side of the whole process, so it continues ....

A "vote-off-the-island" wedding gift or two later (pinch, pinch), I am ready to move into the next room to clean. I simply leave the stack in the center of the room as my trophy and slipping in the kitchen. I make sure to start with the easy things first (tapas and drinks and start the solitaire game) and end with the PIPC of rà © ment - clean cosmic black hole under the sink. Lordy, if ever there was a place mentally cut off from my house is that the dungeon. I just pretend they do not exist. I put in an altered state when I opened the door to catch the detergent dish.

But now the work is done, and I am enjoying the feeling of satisfaction that mimics the equivalent of a bar of good chocolate. Oh, the top. I just look in amazement at this sparkling square meters and can not wait another reason to open the doors.

If you do not three days to savor in this task, the creation of small and working upward. Start by wearing makeup in the trash or sofa with you at work for a period of commercial television. Pull up slowly to a closet or room every Monday night. I swear that I will give a boost to the rest of the week. And gradually, he Jonesin for a three-session days than I do.

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Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers