Japanese salt and pepper shakers

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Japanese salt and Pepper shakers

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Japan China is known and what is it?

I Salt and pepper shakers hand painted from Japan sent me my grandmother. I have six of them. What is China, Japan, as it is called and what is the approximate value be?

I do not think it worth much unless you have a special value as a celebrity uses. It is only an agitator. We a lot of them in Japan.

When it comes to preparing and planning for the moment when two people unite as one, many couples seek to create the most fantastic experience. Theme Weddings are a great way to present a memorable and fun with a theme or topic which has a special meaning for the bride and / or groom. Once such that both share a love for classical literature and art, or perhaps Love is in the water. Whatever the topic, it is now possible to integrate all these interests and actors in a theme Wedding remember.

The different types of themed weddings

Regarding marriage after a specific problem, there really no limit to the type of ideas that have been or are waiting to be discovered. Some carry important thematic wedding between the bride and groom, as a scheduled event based on a hobby they both share. Other transportation wedding the couple-to-be and their guests Another time, when knights in shining armor has ruled the country.

The possibilities are endless, such as theme weddings can play a romantic and historic figures like Romeo and Juliet, Antony and Cleopatra or create the environment of famous places around the world as Paris, Hawaii and Las Vegas. Some aspects of a theme wedding to consider when planning an event:


To alert the family and friends when the topic of marriage will be held, invitations allow couples to highlight some creativity. For example, medieval and Renaissance inspired wedding invites can use ivory or beige parchment paper with an explanation in writing by a professional calligrapher. They can injure and secured by a ring metal, sealed with hot wax, or marked with a gold seal.


Wedding theme also allow married and their guests to show a wide range of garments. Create a sense of real Egypt after marriage, and with Antony and Cleopatra, dressed Laced with spiral bracelets in gold, the heavy makeup and exaggerated, and the serpent crown details appear in May. Medieval clothing is also People in several events themed wedding. Kimonos are displayed beautifully decorated in Japanese-inspired wedding, while Victoria, Tudor, and Edwardian gowns have graced the halls of churches.


Under the theme, the food can vary from one arrangement style banquet of fruit, olive oil, nuts and dishes inspired by a Tuscan wedding appetizers and dessert molded into shapes that correspond to the idea Main. For example, the petals of biscuits and cakes dotted with mini-rose, lilac, light blue and varnish, make an ideal accompaniment to a theme spring wedding. Tropical-Themed Wedding must use a variety of fruit flavors in your meals and drinks. Smoothies, fruit kebabs and grilled fruit salad exotic are just some things that customers can expect.


It is through the decorations, the atmosphere a wedding theme. Tea Lanterns add a sense of establishment of an Asian-inspired wedding, while paper dragons floating in the sky with vibrant colors of red, orange and green. Table decoration, fortune cookies with personalized messages from the married and also married the scene. Silver cups filled with wine accents as centers of the Renaissance on the theme of marriage is sure to bring a smile on the faces of customers. To create the appearance of a Hawaiian inspired wedding, the decorations can include coconut, necklaces, palms, and explosions of color in each corner. Tables can display fresh pineapple, sand-filled trays of shellfish and exotic flowers.

Special Attentions

Wedding theme also allows couples to live out their fantasies, as a union of fairy tale may include the bride and groom arrives on horseback or leave in a horse-drawn carriage like Cinderella. Sometimes, a themed wedding can include holidays in particular. Halloween allows customers to enter their favorite outfit, while drawing Christmas theme wedding can display a winter wonderland with visions of silver and snow. Valentine's Day offers a wide range of decorative possibilities and foodstuffs, while the green all that can dominate a union St. Patrick's Day.

Theme Weddings are becoming more popular worldwide approach that couples continue to push the envelope of creativity and pleasure to its limits. When it comes to creating a unique wedding day, bride and groom to be limited only by the limits of his own imagination.

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