Lighthouse Salt Pepper

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Lighthouse Salt pepper

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I need to make a cylindrical metal keychain on a lathe, ideas?

I'm in a design technology course and our challenge is to create a cylindrical metal keychain on a C&C lathe.. basically I need ideas of cylindrical objects that would be cool on a keychain! I'm thinking of maybe a bullet, any other ideas?

1) Lighthouse**
2) Kaleidescope or magnifying lens
(if glass ends can be added)
3) Spice shaker (salt, pepper, sugar)
4) Pill bottle or coin holder (with a closed end and a cap)

**My husband and I met at a Tool & Die shop. I worked in the office and he worked on a lathe out in the plant. When we started dating and he found out that I collect lighthouses, he actually made me one. It is beautiful and I love it! : ) Good luck to you, whatever you choose to make.

The Cape Cod Potato Chip factory is a tourist attraction in the area of Cape Cod generally receive 250,000 visitors a year. Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory Hill Road 100 Breed's in Hyannis, Massachusetts, and has a phone number 1-888-881-CHIP.

Cape Cod Potato Chips are cooked in the kitchen Steve and Lynn Bernard. She opened a store in a small shop in front of their chips Hyannis and quickly became a local favorite. As a sample cards home Tourist and business bags from the shop front and became a favorite of many in the world.

They use only fresh potatoes coast is sent in the days of farmers' fields and even cook the old fashioned way in small boilers, which allow control minute flavor, texture and quality.

Cape Cod Potato Chips has expanded to provide many other snacks that include:

 • The kettle classic old-fashioned fries cooked raw

 • The 40% reduced-fat

 • Sea Salt & Vinegar

 • Sea Salt & Pepper Cracker

 • On the Beach Barbecue

 • Jalapeno Cheddar

 • Robust Russet

 • Wavy Cut

 • Cheddar Jack & Sour Cream

 • Veggie Tortilla Chips

 • Blue Tortilla Chips

 • Tortilla Chips White Corn

 • White Cheddar Popcorn

 • Beans and Corn Salsa - Mild

 • Bean and Corn Salsa - Medium

In addition, they have opened their doors to the factory.

Hours Opening:

Monday - Friday: 9:00-5:00

Weekends & Closed days

You can also visit the lighthouse at Nauset while in the region. Nauset Lighthouse is a symbol of Cape Cod Potato Chips is one of the most beautiful monuments Cape recognizable.

Nauset Lighthouse was built the request of 21 residents of Eastham, in 1836. Many, many ships were lost off the coast of Eastham. It was obvious to the people of this region a beacon was bound to bring ships safely. Congress approved the request and found three wooden lighthouse was built Rather than defining the location of a light north of Truro and the lights turn south to Chatham. Accordingly, the headlamps known under the name The Three Sisters were built.

The three sisters had survived for over 70 years. In 1911, the towers were perched dangerously near the edge of the cliff. The time and the erosion of the need to move the headlights. The towers were a setback from the edge of the cliff is. The Bureau of Lighthouses was subsequently determined that it was necessary to keep one of the three sisters of the committee. The center light tower out three times every ten seconds as a tribute to his sisters, who remained silent. After about seven years, the two sisters who died were purchased by the Cummings family, who retreated to his summer home known as towers.

For years, about 12 more than the sister who stayed lit the coast of Eastham, however, had weakened his age. It has been built and sold in a private residence.

The new lighthouse stood guard at Eastham Nauset costs, while the National Park Service has met the Sisters of Nauset Yugoslavia. They bought three towers of private owners and in 1975 they were joined in its original configuration, is out of Cable Road.

In three years, after Storm of the Century in 1991, more than 30 feet of bluff has been destroyed by the Sea. The Coast Guard wanted to dismantle the lighthouse, but hundreds of letters protest poured into the headquarters of the Coast Guard Boston, and Nauset Light Preservation Society, he absorbed.

The Coast Guard has Company 5-year lease in 1995 and after much debate, a new site away from the oceans has been elected. Workers braved freezing temperatures, biting wind and snow to move the tower to its new home. The lighthouse was carefully transported by heavy trucks addicted truck inch by inch over 336 feet in the new site.

Nauset Light of renovated and painted and remains today a Landmark Cape Cod Thank you for the dedication of the community and the Nauset Light Preservation Society, visit the Nauset Light from May to October in the free trips. Donations are appreciated and recognized. For more information or to help preserve the Nauset Light, please contact:

Nauset Light Preservation Society

PO Box 941

Eastham, MA. 02642

Source: Cape Cod Potato Chips Online

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