Magnetic Salt

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Magnetic Salt

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How to measure the magnetic force?

If special equipment or I can use a compass? My science experiment is "Does a magnet work the same in the air, water, water, salt and oil? "I was going to try putting the same strength magnets in plastic bags with the same size amount of fluid in each plastic bag (except the air, of course.) but I do not know how to measure the magnetic force after putting in liquids Your help would be greatly appreciated !!!!!

Very often, Gaussmeters, magnetometers, or Pull-Testers are used to measure the strength of a magnet. Gaussmeters measure force Gauss, Magnetometers measure in Gauss or arbitrary units (making it easy to compare one magnet to another), and Pull-Testers can measure pull in pounds, kilograms, force or other units. Special Gaussmeters can cost several thousand dollars.

You already know that sodium acetate is a key ingredient in "hot ice" and can do many interesting things with the hot ice. But if you do not can get their hands on the substance of a pharmacy or pharmacy, and you have a little time on your hands, you can create your own.

First we must ask "What is it made of? home to better understand the manufacturing process. acetate sodium (C2H3NaO2) is the salt of acetic acid remaining after a reaction between acid and base. In a nutshell, is what remains after the combination, example, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda ... the base) and vinegar (acetic acid ...). So, to make sodium acetate at home you need the key ingredients of baking soda and vinegar.

In theory, the process that makes this product involves combining progressive baking soda and vinegar. At this stage, a large quantity of mixing water. It is now necessary to boil the mixture for a period prolonged time to remove water. After this period of boiling, the mixture should be strained, especially since the acetate sodium necessary to make hot ice must be as pure and free from environmental contaminants as possible. Once this fact can be used as how to produce Hot Ice.

For a real recipe Sodium acetate can use a search engine. Just search "how to of sodium acetate. It is a great recipe from a website called .

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