Metal salt shaker

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Metal Salt shaker

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Questions about the collection?

I am looking for advice on how to find collectors. Things I have for sale are: a collection of salt and Pepper shakers, National Geographic and other magazines, figurines of cats (some of Avon), old metal toy cars and trucks, and fishing lures. I am aware Ebay. Please give me other information if available. Thank you.

put an ad in: newsagents free local thrift stores consignment our neighborhood have a meeting of a group of garage sales per month - an easy place to meet others with the same interest as yours.

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There are things you can do while driving and maintaining your car to help prevent chips:

o Do not follow the big trucks and construction trucks. They often carry materials that can break and send small particles flying from the rear of the truck. If you are behind the truck, the particles are likely to touch your car.

o Do not tailgate. Rear Tire Kicking pebbles and sand particles the road and blow the car behind. If you drive too close to the car in front of you, these particles tend to hit the windshield and cause a chip.

Avoid the park or along roads. Try to park in a parking or entry of other vehicles will not accelerate beyond his car.

o Check your windshield regularly. Windshield wipers are broken, cracked, bent or broken can cause a chip in the windshield.

or simply use plastic ice scrapers. Ice Scrapers Metal can scratch the windshield.

Regularly check the windshield or any small pieces and cracks

or use hot water to remove ice from the windshield. This will instantly crack the chips in the windshield. Instead, use table salt to loosen the ice. Keep a salt shaker in the glove during the winter.

If you happen to have a chip in the windshield, it there are steps you can take to help prevent chip cracking the windshield until you can fix it:

or outside the windshield, cover the chip with tape clear plastic. This will keep moisture and dirt.

Try not to use or defroster. If need be used, use the lowest value possible.

If possible, park in the shade. Leave the windows lateral cracking to keep the heat build up in the car.

o Do not use anything liquid to seal the chip, such as glue or nail polish.

o Do not wash the car. The hose pressure or temperature difference between water and the windshield can cause the chip to cut back.

or do not use umbrellas. They cause the windshield to heat, which can cause a crack.

or Do not slam doors, trunk or hood. Any additional vibration to the car could cause the chip to crack.

Always try to avoid a chip in the windshield, but if you happen to buy one, make sure you follow the steps immediately to protect and then repaired as soon as possible. While repairing a chip may seem boring, it is better to spend thousands of dollars on a new windshield.

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Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers