Modern salt shaker

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Modern Salt shaker

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Somebody has this idea of fish food container?

My betta flakes come in a boring plastic bottle you have to unscrew the 5 rotations to open. I do not know why they did so long to open the lid. Well, anyway .. I put my betta flakes in a shaker. The rolls are big enough for chips. Flakes that are too large are broken by the motion of agitation, but it also seems much more beautiful in my tank and a plastic bottle for food. Has anyone else done this? I feel I have invented a good idea. Oh, also .. The salt is a type of modern glass and has a lid, the habit of eating into disuse. A lid easily come out easily. Sal and use this odor fishfood fingers as usual.

No, but it's a great idea, I'll try. Thanks:)

The art of gratitude from the bride and groom in the form of wedding favors never go out of style.  Depending on your budget, you can spend a large amount or a small amount on wedding favors for your special day.  It is more the creativity and meaning behind the gift that matters rather than the cost of the wedding favors.  The wedding favor industry is vast and makes it easy to find the right wedding favor, so don’t skip on the wedding favors.  The little gesture of thank you to your guests in the form of wedding favors is never mundane and is much appreciated.


Traditionally Jordan Almonds have been the everlasting wedding favor.  Typically, the sugarcoated almonds are presented in sets of three or five.  Thee almonds are said to stand for the bride, groom, and the future baby.  The five almonds symbolize happiness, health, wealth, fertility, and longevity.  The bittersweet candies are rich in both taste and cultural meaning.  They are commonly found in the oldest of cultures, Italian, Middle Eastern, and Greek weddings.


If Jordan Almonds aren’t your style, other wedding favors that never go out of style are available to give you more ideas.  The following traditional wedding favors can be incorporated into brand new ideas:


Giving silver plated favors has always been part of wedding traditions.  Silver frames can be used as place card holders with pictures of the happy couple to take home for your wedding guests.


Silver Plated Salt and Pepper shakers are a classic favor that shows the couple to be a perfect pair.  Put a twist to it and give out silver Perfect “Pear” Salt and pepper Shakers.  This way a classic silver wedding favor idea is give a modern touch while adding a sweet “Perfect Pair” theme to your wedding.


Home made candles have traditionally been a nice touch.  Now couples can find beautiful decorative candles in their wedding theme to select from.  Available are all sorts of candles favors, such as Perfect Pear Candle Favors and Cinderella Carriage Candles.


Edible Favors are always a favorite among brides.  They are yummy and easy to do.  Chocolate coins in gold foil are an old edible wedding favor.  Why not give elegant truffles in bon bon favor boxes as a refreshing change to chocolate wedding favors.


Small jelly jars have been a tradition, which now has been taken over by miniature personalized honey jars.  From this tradition have come ideas of personalized tea and coffee wedding favors among the edible wedding favors.


Homemade cookies have been a quaint wedding favor in the past.  Currently the trend is designer wedding cookie favors that can be made to fit the theme of your wedding.


Sachets in your wedding colors make an elegant and lasting wedding favors.  Select from miniature sachets for the budget minded or larger scented sachet favors in gift boxes if you wan to splurge.  Sachet favors also make great bridal shower favors.



Flowers have always been a significant part of weddings and now they are used as part of the wedding favor as well.  Hawaiian leis or flower buds are a sweet touch to the wedding reception.  Make the memory everlasting by giving out flower seed favors in a personalized packet.  Use a miniature flower vase with a place card holder to guide your guest to their seats at your reception table.


Keepsake bookmarks with verse also make classic wedding favors that your guest can cherish.  Currently there are available silver plated or chrome bookmark favors in a variety of designs to fit wedding themes and styles.  A romantic idea is chrome heart bookmark favors gift boxed for your convenience.


A new tradition that has become a classic is the idea of donations to charity.  Instead of an expensive wedding favor, give a dollar amount in the name of every guest to your favorite charity.  Then at the reception, place a little card with a small token stating that a donation has been made in their name.  A small and inexpensive wedding favor is appropriate with this gesture. 


Traditional wedding favor ideas will make a classic impression on your guest.  With the current conveniences of the wedding favor industry you can twist that traditional idea to make it your own.  Wedding favor specialists like Chic Wedding Favors make it easy to find unique favors that fit the traditional ideals for wedding favors.


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