Penguin Salt Pepper

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Penguin Salt pepper

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POLL: unicorns or penguins?

1.Unicorns or penguins? 2: Tickle Me Elmo or Ferber? 3.Power Rangers or Ninja Turtles? 4: Chuck Norris Schwartzanager or Arnold? 5. Toy Story or The Lion King? 6: Monsters Inc. or Finding Nemo? 7. chew and eat a chili pepper or leave a tablespoon of salt dissolved in ur mouth? 9. Big Mac or Woppa? 10. Onion rings or fries? 11: French or Scottish? 12. Wheel of Fortune or the price is right? 13: Susan of Narnia or girl Harry Potter ....( Who is hotter?) 14. Conan O'Brien or David Letterman? 15. Heath Ledger and Michael Jackson? Tell the person above what they seem celeb!

1. Penguins (They are the cutest animals in this wooorld. ") 2. Ha! Ferber: DI had one, they have been fantastic, but they were cute: D 3. Power Rangers. "(I liked the colors: D) 4. Arnold ....... whatever: Chuck D is soo overrated. 5. OH FRICK! Hard One: O Ha! This new face ... uuuh but Lion King Toy Story 2:) 6. Finding Nemo-7 final. Tablespoons of salt. I'm not a fan of REALLY spicy food 8. Nor, I am a 9 vegetables. French fries (including schools. Yeah schoool) 10. The French! HA! Love the French! 11. Wheel of fortune ...! 12. Huh? Idk? I dislike: P 13. Conan O'Brien all the way ... although not all the way does not look 14. HEATH LEDGER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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