Pepper Shakers Basket

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Pepper shakers Basket

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my daughter is moving into her first apartment alone?

shes 18. what kind of things should i get her?

[for kitchen, bathroom, etc]

what kind fo things will she need and how many?? what is she able to get herself???

When my daughter moved into her first apartment we got her all the generic stuff that nobody thinks about and is expensive when you add it all up.

Cleaning supplies, like mop, broom, toilet bowl cleaners, cleansers, dish soap, antibacterial spray, scouring pads, dish drainer, laundry soap, bath soap, etc.

We gave her our old dishes, silverware, cooking utensils and any stuff we had extra of.

We bought her one set of new towels and wash cloth, and gave her some of our old ones. We bought her one new set of sheets and pillow cases, and gave her some of our old ones.

We let her take anything she wanted out of her room.

We didn't buy food at the grocery. But we bought the other stuff. Spices, cooking oil, Salt and pepper, butter, sugar, flour, all the "staple" things.

Her brothers each chipped in and gave her $50 and took her to the "Dollar Store" to get her laundry basket, Salt and pepper shakers, and other stuff.

She bought pots and pans, coffee maker, microwave, furniture, tv, etc. (All the stuff she wanted to pick out herself.) She had yard sale furniture for awhile, but it's a good lesson to let them get the big stuff as they can afford it and get better stuff when they can afford better.

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