Pepper Shakers Nib

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Pepper shakers Nib

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Some help please 🙂 answers from both guys and girls, but mostly guys heehee?

Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend ?
Okay so my boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 and a half months. We have decided that we definitely want to get each other something for Christmas and I don't know what I want to get him at all!!!! It's killing me on the inside!!!! He is an AMAZING artist and an avid video gamer. I'm really not sure what to get him, he really likes everything on the face of the planet. He's asked my mother what to get me and she gave him some ideas, but nothing specific at all. What are some ideas of things I can get him for Christmas??? I hate to feel like i'm taking it so last minute but I don't know what to get him. What are some ideas???
BTW, I'm 15 and he's 16

Do you know what art materials he's using? If so, head to the store and get him a pen nib, a brush, a tube of paint that's a little better than what he's using now. A new color can be a huge help. A better pen can kick his abilities up a notch. Perhaps a few sheets of high-quality paper (or whatever his ground material is).
If you don't have a handy art store, try on-line stores Dick Blick or Jerry's Art-A-Rama. They usually have the best combination of selection, range, and price.

Failing that, you could get him a subscription to a gaming magazine. If he's into hardware, perhaps he'd like some Intel merchandise (they have t-shirts, geek-wear, clean-room "bunny suit" keychains, and the like). If he likes computer stuff, you might surf over to, where they have all sorts of weird things, like a pop-can cooler that plugs into a USB port, and roboticsalt & pepper shakers.

Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers