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Pepper mills with different names?

I've heard of different sizes of specific culinary pepper mills French names. Is this true? If so, what are they and why?

It must be a certain mark, which gave different products different names (and therefore, their response).

If you watch TV cooking undoubtedly seen some of the kitchen appliances great news. There are many good majority of these are now available as gifts. Many are branded with names such as Jamie Oliver, Paul Bocuse and Ken Hom. Promotional cooking are different from most because they are used at home. The word here is "used". If you can find gifts for your customers to benefit from the aid, which will keep your donation and to promote its brand in years.

Here are some popular ideas. If you search the Internet, are likely to find gifts for cooking more enjoyable. Each of these gifts can be found in shops popular with price tags far more than you pay When customers buy in bulk. Your most important customers feel very special when presented with one of these fun executive gift.

Pots & Woks: There is a wide selection of name pots and pans mark by Jamie Oliver and Ken Hom. If you do not want to pay for the name, you can buy generic brands of varying quality. Many are of very high quality. He noted that Ken Hom has an impressive selection of accompaniments for your brand woks wood panels such as Chinese, coupe style and locale.

Aprons: the popular denim apron Jamie Oliver made famous in his television at the variety of aprons generic also nice not to short aprons to choose from. Each can be embroidered with logo and details to ensure that his client, remember who gave them the gift of Nice.

Spices & Pepper Shakers: There is nothing like a good, heavy grinder. They look and feel like a product quality. With Peppermills and spice grinders is important to seek quality, for less quality options in the offer will not last long. You saw in May flavor Shaker Jamie Oliver in stores. It is now available as a corporate gift and comes with a cookbook by Jamie Oliver for the creation mixture of special spices.

Entertainment: Things like cookies The screw of the table, the bread and the games of tapas and hors devours fantasy series are all waiting for your logo. Gifts such as these have a special place in the homes of its customers. They will of quality entertainment with gifts, and remember that every time they do. Maybe you can even get an invitation!

Sets Wine Carafes Wine Glass by Paul Bocuse, with wine from several groups including sommelier knives, corkscrews, stoppers and drip are proposed. Some of the most beautiful sets come in attractive wooden boxes. If you look around you will find extra large ensembles including thermometers and bottle caps.

Corkscrews: Everyone can use a good knife set. Even if you do not a cook, need another occasionally. Many games are available for cutting knives knife sets come in a wooden box branded.

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