Peugeot salt and pepper

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Peugeot Salt and pepper

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a chemical dipping into which will dissolve acid deposits encrusted around the gears of my pepper mill?

I had a Peugeot electric pepper mill in which I left the expired battery cells for a longish spell to find that the acid from the batteries had spilled and formed green moss-like encrustment around its precious gears so that they are now jammed. Want to know how I can get rid of the acid deposits so that the mill can be functional again.

If it is only the deposits that are jamming the works, soaking your mill in warm water should fix it. (All the salts in batteries are water soluble.)

However, if the salts have caused the metal in your mill to corrode, there isn't much you can do -- the necessary metal part of the mill is gone.

So give it a good soak or two and see what happens.

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