Peugeot salt mills

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Peugeot salt mills

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Is a Salt mill different from a pepper mill?

I finally found a pepper mill for a reasonable price and ordered it online, but when I received it, I realized that it was actually a salt mill (my mistake, not the company's), though it looks the same to me (but I'm not expert). For a lot of reasons, it would be too much of a hassle to return, so I'm not interested in that, but I'm wondering, can I use this salt mill as a pepper mill, or are they different enough that it would cause damage?

This site has info. and mills for sale-

Here is the key paragraph that explains why the Peugeot brands (and perhaps others as well) use hardened steel for pepper and stainless for salt.

Hardened steel vs. stainless steel.

For Pepper mills, hardened steel is preferred over stainless because of its greater hardness, and therefore its ability to maintain sharp burrs over a much longer period of time than stainless. Though hardened steel can rust, under normal use a pepper mill will not come in contact with water to make it rust. For salt, however, never use a hardened steel mill, since salt is highly corrosive.

This brand-
uses ceramic for salt.

So, I would suggest checking your particular brand to see if the materials used are different.


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