Red salt and pepper shaker

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Red Salt and Pepper shaker

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Unique Clothing for two people?

Suggest matching outfits such as a doctor and a nurse from Batman and Robin, Santa and Rudolph witch pumpkin salt and pepper Red Riding Hood and the Wolf Dorothy and the tin man or something from Jack, Jack and Jill and Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas) ^ ^ stuff like

Magician and rabbit

During my 30 years as a leader throughout the United States, one of the things I've always been looking for a big burger. I not had one in over 10 years and was in an old house of a friend, and he is a farmer. I kicked myself at home, (BC), when suddenly I said I like eating a hamburger, but not eat any of the restaurants around, because they could not rely on cooking and cleaning habits, food preparation, another article in the making. A preparation of some and he wanted to see me and walk me through the process, who has kindly agreed to do.

Now, my friend JC, who is in his 60, is an excellent cook and also a Renaissance man. He knows a lot things here in Mississippi. Lives in a few acres, where he has cows, chickens and a pond with bass, bream and catfish and it was generally a small garden every year with corn, tomatoes, okra and other staples of the South. He practices self-sufficiency with passion. He is a man of great humor and, indeed, if I know that James Brown, the Godfather De La Soul, "I wanted it to be like Christ, who is the godfather of Black Life, in central Mississippi. JC likes music by James Brown, and even at his age still imitate their dances when he hears about his music. It is the hardest working man I know and a scammer truer industrious regards.He is black as coal and has a heart of gold.

JC has a large family, all more or less live in the same (Street neighborhood who wears his life on behalf of the family) and people are always looking for him for one reason or another, so I am always delighted to spend time with me to talk food, my favorite subject. So is like one day suddenly decided to share his way to a juicy hamburger, and I heard in the tunnel vision when he shared this recipe with me.

Let me be clear on this recipe. You can forget the pre-purchase of meat or Chuck at the supermarket. High - end meats are not necessary. It is preferable to have a meat cleaver or butcher grind it for you while you wait. The loaves should be 4 "-5" inches in diameter, not less. Head lettuce should freeze (double rinse with cold water and let sit for no more than 5 minutes and then dry before putting the burgers) and beefsteak tomatoes should preferably be organic and cold ice. Use only sweet onions, such as Vidalia, Maui or Texas Sweet red onion, thinly sliced and has been kept cold, because you want to answer cold heat in this recipe. Kosher Dills joint use and slice them yourself if you want pickles. You must use "Come Back Sauce" (Forget About May, mustard and ketchup, Mix in all cases where the elimination) of sauce and kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper should be sprinkled on meat after cooking. If cooking on the grill using wood smoke to enhance the taste or cooking, try
Using a cast iron skillet (the temperature average is very good), thus we purists of food in Mississippi do. Forget Teflon coated pans or utensils, Gimmicky or others. Get some cookware cast iron, it is not. Indeed, every burger should be dosed less compact in 8 oz patties

This recipe is for 4 people. Now I have a recipe for home fries and the best milkshake, but I have to give it later.

The Best Burger at home in the United States

£ 1 each - beef ribs short and beef brisket. (take the meat from the bones of beef ribs short to remove the layer of what I call a nerve, the back short ribs) and then cut into small rectangular pieces to enter the hopper meat grinder so you do not block. Doing a course grind.

4 tablespoons peanut oil or olive oil or clarified butter or oil of your choice.

Ice Cold Iceberg lettuce leaves

4 "- 5" fresh rolls and French bread Authentic New Orleans or San Francisco sourdough (my fav)

Salsa back ... Buy here ... or get the recipe here.

Sliced Kosher Pickles

Cold sliced sweet onion ... 32 degrees is considered cold for anything that is supposed to be cold.

Rinsed large tomato sliced and cold. I prefer fresh "organic" in all the vegetables here when available.


1. After grinding the meat and add oil in thin wafers less compact form about 5 1 / 2 inch in diameter. Make a hole in the center of the party to reduce the withdrawal. I prefer to use a manufacturer Patty myself.

2. Place on grill or skillet and start cooking, but DO NOT OPEN THE hamburgers, but once after 3-4 minutes. They will be ready once the turn when the juice is clear, if properly cooked. Cooking at least in the medium term.

3. Put a little butter on the buns and toast lightly on the side of the burgers are to face. This seals the bread.

4. Driving burgers with condiments preferred but add Come Back Sauce and serve. See how easy it was ... Enjoy!

Please note: You may be using that many cuts of beef at will. Just make sure the fat is at least 10% and not more than 15%.

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