Red salt and pepper shakers

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Red salt and Pepper shakers

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What the hell does that mean?

There's a guy that I liked a long time now, and we and attached to dine with his family (I am a friend family, SIS younger my best friend). I started playing with the pepper and salt in the shaker trying to flee the red tomato around to celebrate in the tray metal, and when I finished he said: "No, no, it is how you do!" and rearranged the way they thought best. When I gave my reasons for putting pepper in the face, asked jokingly, "You eat pepper chips?" he laughed, smiled and looked down. Do you like me?

Yes, deff. Sounds like he loves you = D

Gators are much less afraid when they come in edible form of jerky! Cecina exotic alligator jerky have become very popular among Fans of dry meat and spices. Alligator jerky is, among other exotic options such as emu, elk, ostrich and more. But you should not go to Mardi Gras or the Everglades to try this treatment ... you can do yourself!

Make alligator is jerky and not very different from the usual process beef jerky. Just find a site that sells crocodile meat. Most butchers will have this small city offers, and if no stock regular, they can get. If you do not butcher the local specialty, there are a few sites online that you can order from at CajunGrocer.

Basic Alligator Jerky


• The tail of a crocodile

• garlic salt

A black pepper •


1. Crocodile Tail Cut into long strips about an inch wide and ¼ inch thick or less.

2. Prepare a mixture of salt mixed by combining equal parts of garlic salt and black pepper.

3. Sprinkle a thin mixed layer of salt in a cutting board.

4. Place strips of crocodile in the salt mixture.

5. Sprinkle a layer of mixture salt on top of a crocodile, so both sides are very salty.

6. Stick a toothpick through the ends of each strip meat and strips of suspension or non-smoking oven rack after shaking off the excess salt.

7. Heat or smoke around 120 degrees to dry (approximately four hours).

8. Desigual Store in airtight containers or eat immediately!

Cajun Alligator Jerky

As the crocodile meat is popular in New Orleans and Bayou themed restaurants around the nation, Cajun flavor seems a natural choice for jumping crocodile. It is a recipe for dried beef jerky adapted to Cajun alligator.


 • 10 pounds alligator meat

 • Salsa 1 / 2 a small bottle of hot water

 • 1 / 8 cup lemon juice

 • 10 oz Worcestershire sauce

 • 6 oz soy sauce

 • 1 / 8 cup chopped Caynne

 • 1 / 2 small onion salt bottle

 • 1 / 2 bottle liquid smoke


1. Mix ingredients.

2. Marinate 24-30 hours.

3. Dehydrate in dehydrator or oven to 150 degrees.

Buy Alligator Jerky

Of Many manufacturers of jerky are proud of their exotic selection. Dave P. Wilkes-Barre, PA favors brand Alligator Bob.

"I have always been a fan of venison uneven, but never came recipes delicious and information on the meat dry, please visit our website. But once I saw Crocodile jerky - all in Florida, of course - and I initially thought EW. Then I remember that I tried alligator sausage in a Cajun place in State College, and loved. Alligator Bob gave test and man it was delicious. I would say that this kind of taste of crocodile meat like chicken and white meat. Cajun Seasoning is the most appropriate. I like things spicy and it was fantastic. I am pleased that this material can be ordered online! "

If you found this information on alligator beef jerky useful, you'll want to read this article about beef jerky risks.

Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers