Retro salt and pepper shakers

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Retro salt and Pepper shakers

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what is your favorite ride?

name the amusement park .where it's at? what kind and why?

I like the Retro Rockets at Knoebels Grove.

The closest thing to them are the Salt and pepper shakers seen at fairs. But these spin you around then upside down and twisted while you go upside down like an airplane would act.
They are very fun!
Just a few short miles away too, woohoo!!!! 😀

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Earl Harvey for the first time the idea of modeling clay sculptor to produce three-dimensional models. Clay was viable in plaster and wood used above, allowing greater flexibility and creativity. So, sculptors and illustrators and engineers became a part of a team Automotive Design. However, when the art of the automobile is seen as a kind of art, few sculptors in the industry left and began freelance.

One is Steve Posson. Posson had specialized in automotive design at Art Center College of Design in California and not body prototype Jeep, Volvo and Renault. Now he has revived the ancient technique of bronze sculptures in the lost wax to create the car. The wax is lost remarkable grasp the details. His sculptures are often people and landscapes, with the car, but still give the illusion of movement. He has exhibited his work in major exhibitions such as bowling Beach Retro Auto, the competition in Newport Beach, the LA Roadsters Show and the Grand National Roadster Show, to name a few. Steve also has had numerous clients such as Petersen Automobile Museum, Ford Motor Company, Auto Aficionado Magazine.

Greg Johnson was involved in car carving, after a career as an entrepreneur in the area of automobile collision.

Greg was painting and sculpture. Greg sculptures are unique as their materials are recovered and destroyed parts of cars that is reshaped and combined before applying acrylic polyurethane finish. Greg uses the same polyurethane acrylic paint to create abstract paintings.

Richard is another widely Pietruska recognized sculptor of the car. Richard's career in art began early in life. When I was in college, was the winner of the guild the Competition Council Artisan Fisher, which earned him a scholarship at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. He received a Bachelor of Science in automotive design and an MFA from Art Center College of Design.

He now teaches at the Art Center College of Design in Transport and product design department that has been used over the last thirty years. Students of Richard included a large number of top designers cars in the world. Some of the works of Richard as his whimsical red Viper and blue salt and pepper. He also produced a few steps from the creation of sculpture art as an interesting image and a roll of Ferrari. Richard has recently received an invitation to the Society of Automotive Fine Arts and its new members. The Company mounted two exhibitions each year to showcase the work of its members.

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Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers