Rooster Hen Salt

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Rooster Hen Salt

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Food & Drink ~ Survey ~ ?

1- red pepper or green pepper

2- pepsi or coca cola

3- cheese or butter

4- cucumber: with or without salt

5- meat: hen or rooster

6- meat: cow or sheep

7- boiled egg or non-boiled egg

8- sandwich or pizza

1- green pepper

2- coca cola

3- cheese

4- cucumber: with salt

5- meat: hen

6- meat: cow

7- boiled egg

8- pizza

Celebrating Easter in Germany, as with all other Christian countries, is a major event for Catholics and Protestants. And many customs associated with the celebration of his men from this country, such as those used for the decorated eggs and Easter Bunny.

In addition, most children receive two weeks of school holidays at Easter and you can see family and friends were walking together at this time year, enjoying the new warmth.

Easter Decorations

Many Easter decorations used in Germany and the Germans brought with them, while migrating to other countries, come directly from the pagan festival ¼ hlingfest FRA (Spring), fertility symbols, as Ostereier (Easter Egg) and Osterhasen (Easter bunnies).

However, Germany has maintained some traditions, only as "Osterbaum" (Christmas tree) and "Osterbrunnen" (Source of Easter).

The Osterbaum

These trees can be made Easter branches of flowering shrubs, trees or shrubs and egg breakfast room decorated with hand-painted wood, hollowed out eggs and real small crowns.

Bring a touch of color in a season also often gray, which gives the squares and streets, a lively air.

The href = ""> Osterbrunnen

The region of Franconia, Germany (in German: Franken) is the only one where is the usual source of Passover (or good). It is an old tradition that celebrates the life giving water and believe that holy water on the morning of Easter Sunday, has special powers.

Throughout the years, carved eggs are collected, hand painted, and chained to the colorful garlands are used to decorate the village spring. The arches and crowns, generally placed at the tip of the source, are also made of evergreen branches decorated with eggs, rabbits and fowls. All these ornaments in the central source the city a colorful and festive entertainment, especially the posts on the sellers market Saturday before Easter.

Frohe Ostern! Happy Easter!

Hélène Dompierre is a Pastry Chef, Journalist and a Traveler who loves discovering new places and food, and experience other cultures!
She lived in Canada, Australia and Germany. Traveled in USA, Canada, Caribbean, Europe, Australia, North Africa and Japan. She traveled alone or with her family. And can't see herself ever stopping! She is also the web-master of Journey to Germany, a web-site aimed at helping people to discover Germany. Using her own family's experience at moving into a new country, she created this web-site as a practical guide to relocate more easily in Germany.

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