Salt and pepper mills

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Salt and Pepper mills

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1) a Pepper grinder "Solitaire" Lenox edition 2) even salt Edition "Solitaire" 3) sugar bowl with lid "Solitaire" Number 4) Creamer server "Solitaire" 5) Butter "Solitaire" All dishes are bands of platinum and China are one of ivory.

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Hello and thank you for reading my article.

Here we are my top ten favorite kitchen tools I feel every cook should have!

1. A cake tester - When I cook, I still have a cake tester in me and I use it almost as much as my knife. You can use a probe cake to see if a steak or a piece of fish is medium rare or well done, you can use to see if something is hot inside a ball meat or crab cake. I explain exactly how to do this on my website.

2. Tongs - Cooking without a pair of pliers and a towel in hand for me is like being on a battlefield without arms. The obvious use of the clip is strong, can not grill without tweezers! With a sharp pair of tweezers May slide a baking sheet closest to you for sticking his arms in the oven. You can reach the bottom of the oven for something that may have fallen, and one things I like most is that clips can be placed gently on a piece of chicken in hot oil frying without splashing oil on you.

3. Knives - Chef My knife is by far the most used knife. They always say they will not buy a set of knives, Rather than invest in a kitchen knife in Nice that will last. You can use the top nut to crack lobster or crab, you can use the side dish of crushed garlic or pick up an object that has piqued. And if fileting will be cutting fish or meat and a bread knife KNIFE be any what you need. No need to spend too much on a bread knife, in fact, my favorite knife to use for cooking only (Dexter-Russell) a knife is $ 20. Your teeth, sharp sound, has a handful of Nice and solid, what can you ask. A kitchen knife will cost no more than $ 10 just for its likely the payment of a name or being ripped off.

4. Peeler - My Favorite and only I use a peeler Kuhn Rikon. They are made of plastic and cost $ 2, usually pick 2 or 3 of them. They are cheap made, but are sharp and do the job. Peeler great job, not only skin, but the material shave very thin as parmesan, chocolate, carrots or cucumbers.

5. Microplane - A grid can Microplane hard cheese, chocolate, nutmeg, cinnamon and lemon peel fruits of all sorts of uses. The Microplane creates beautiful regianno Parmigianno cheese Caesar salad, pasta or risotto. Citrus peel is very presentable for a good complement for a cheesecake or angel food cake. Another advantage is a Microplane bars much finer after a rasp grater normal can also be used to grate the ginger, garlic, wasabi, or onions.

6. Fish spatula - a spatula, fish spatula is specially designed to allow you to return the skin of the fish and allow excess oil to drain through slots of the spatula. You can use this concept to your advantage in a number ways. Use it to pick up a piece of cheesecake or a pie and get here, so you do not harm the visible. You can also use for something like a chocolate cake chocolate that can dribble and cracks to prevent slipping.

7. Rubber Spatula - Although never called a spatula is used for the collection of fact or any coverage. However, I use for almost everything else on the planet. Folding egg whites perfectly so as not to deflate the egg whites, mix the potato puree, working with chocolate, making eggs, cooked in a skillet anti-adhesive, risotto, scraping the bowl to ensure that your every last bit of container. The best thing is that cleaning in 2 seconds!

8. Mandolin Japan - a dangerous but very useful tool. That's what all the professionals use to create perfect tiny dice, or dice each time. The blade is very sharp and may shave or cut the small things. Parmesan cheese is fine, you can shave the garlic, carrot, ginger, cucumber, etc.. for an attractive presentation.

9. Food Mill - A food mill is a tool designed to make purees, such as potato puree, but can be used for other things too. You open the forces to handle the product (potatoes, carrots, beets, etc. .. in the holes of different sizes. It as well as restaurants get mashed potatoes ultra smooth each time. I also use it to crack like black pepper, steak or mignonette for oysters.

10. Spice mill - A mill spice little something that can not live without cooking. A Toast and grind the spices that really underscores flavor and is very easy to do. Simply choose your spice mixture either cumin, cinnamon and sesame seeds and place in a dry pan fry over medium high. Stir constantly to avoid burning it will taste bitter. The spice is completed roasting when browned and / or smell is more dynamic. Then, in the spice mill and grind until fine. You can also use a mill Spice grinding spices with salt and spices used to season and the fried items when they are out of the fryer (sesame salt, the salt, black pepper, cumin, salt, the list is long and below).

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