Salt and peppers shakers

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Salt and peppers shakers

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What is wrong with someone when they steal salt and Pepper shakers from a place like Burger King or another?

Eating up fast? Do you need actually Salt and pepper as bad or be a kleptomaniac or what I was wondering why someone from a place I work just took the salt and pepper in any place fast food and wondering if this is weird or what?

I think people not only for lovers of what you can say, look what I did with impunity. I work in a restaurant and some people always take things like salt & Pepper Shakers, cutlery, cups, glass, on the same game with a pitcher that fills us in.Maybe water some people need the points, but mostly, I just take things for fun.

When you created your restaurant or bar one of the first choices you make when you start deciding on the decor and linen and tables is the kind of dishes, the kitchen that you use. Set the table, either in his own establishment, or if you are in restoration work, make a quietly at first impression the guests.

What the table depends on the restoration of dishes chosen for their taste. More to be functional, your dishes Cooking also be elegant. It may be simple, classic or trendy colors, the choice is yours and reflects your taste.

Some selections simple utensils to the test of time is the line of Athena. Porcelain, ceramic Hotel Athena is a service of classic white porcelain is at home in a charming little restaurant or a busy English pub.

The cups of coffee in the line are stackable and dishwasher. A very useful feature is the chip-resistant edges. With all carry a food establishment occupied or pub, you want a kitchen good strength characteristics that can withstand the wear and wash dishes constant, the bus is to help bus run into molds and then store them on shelves.

Athena line of tableware, kitchen leads to cappuccino cups and as coffee or tea. The cut oval plate which is exactly what fish and chips, leaving plenty of room for a large share. Athena Plates range frames are 8 inches, 9 inches and 10 inches.

Porcelain plates line of Athena is a very pleasant eleven inches in diameter. A bowl of porridge is included in the collection of ceramics Hotel Athena and all pieces are microwave safe porcelain. Salt and pepper the same style that will complement the same table with the holders of these envelopes have a clear packet of sugar. Teapots individual complete the series and will be ready for any type of event restoration.

A line just as beautiful and functional kitchen is the Lumina Fine China. The contemporary design, these classic pieces Porcelain is strong enough to use daily in a busy restaurant or hotel while maintaining a stylish decor. Each piece is microwave, oven and freezer.

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If you are a no-frills restaurant, hotel or a small bistro, the classical simplicity of the utensils Kitchen Athena do the trick. If looking for a functional but elegant and will be happy with the Lumina line of fine china.

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Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers