Salt cellars

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Salt cellars

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Drying inside a Salt shaker glass?

What is the best way to dry within a very narrow SALT glass after washing and back drying, waste water still exist.

Use a hair dryer or towel

All foods in their natural state contain microorganisms such as fungi, yeasts and bacteria and enzymes. Food spoils when these enzymes fungi, yeasts and bacteria is not controlled. In this sense, a process safe and proper packaging is one of the methods most important to protect food from being rotten. The method of canning control the growth of micro-organisms from waste, which allows us to keep food beyond its normal storage period.

Today, home canning is the easiest and least costly as preserved. Acting as a safe and economical way to preserve the quality of fruit, vegetables and other foodstuffs produced in the garden of his home or the garden. The best method for home canning includes:

or food prepared by putting a round Home jars, which are then sealed the ball mark or brand Kerr two piece vacuum caps.

Heating or pots designated temperature using the right type of pot for food is being processed

or processing jars for the required time as indicated by an up-to-date, tested recipe for destroying micro-organisms inactive enzymes and putrefactive

or cooling jars properly, allowing the vent caps excess air in pots to form an airtight seal.

The above method of home canning can keep your belongings fresh consumption for the period more long. You can enjoy your meal with the family members at any time you want.

Simple step for cheese, canned

Simple step for cheese, canned

The cheeses are delicious animals than at any time, anywhere and revenue containing them are really delicious! Therefore, to preserve the excellent idea. If your cheese is soft, then it does not contain any preservative and is less expensive than commercial products for cooking. These instructions provide a product that is similar to "Cheese Whiz", however, a better tasting recipe for macaroni and cheese. This simple recipe for making cheese at home preserves will keep for 2 years.

To do this, we need milk canned evaporated, a tablespoon of vinegar, half teaspoon salt, one pound of cheese and any half teaspoon mustard dry. Now, milk and cheese in a double boiler, add remaining ingredients and mix well. Fill pint jars and seal approximately ¾. Place boiling water bath for 10 minutes, then remove and refrigerate. Eat when you want.

According hard cheese preserved in question can be coated with paraffin. It can be stored by immersion in melted paraffin. In this process of melting the wax in an old saucepan. Now, Soak the cheese melt or get a brush and paint the paraffin on the cheese. That all paraffin to dry completely, then swim again. After about four layers of paraffin, add a layer of cheese cloth for extra protection.

Continue dipping and drying up that the paraffin is not a smooth, thick and bubble free surface. Now the cheese shop that has been coated with paraffin in the place the freshest you can find, as in a basement or room without heating.

Remember! Cheeses that have been preserved in this way will last very long, almost indefinitely. If ever a paraffin crack or strengthen, cover with melted paraffin.


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