Salt Pepper Ceramic

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Salt pepper Ceramic

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Fans I Love Lucy?

Two people perceive things to Lucy? I have a large collection that I think of selling a part of it? I dolls ceramic teapot, cookie jar, salt and Pepper shakers, Throw Blanket, tin signs Historical Museum, lunch boxes, books, postcards, magnets, none of these are antiques, but my TV guides 1967 and 1966.

♥ ♥ I love Lucy, but I collect a lot .. eBay deal ♥ ♥

Filipinos are famous for their tasty, tasty. Its cooking methods are influenced by the Spaniards and Malays of Polynesian origin. Filipino cuisine is known to be delicious and very tasty, it is mouth watering. There are so many options for Filipino cuisine cooked in Philippines. Each of the many provinces of the Philippines has its own unique food varieties.

The regions of northern Luzon, are fond of food which are cooked with their own anchovies. Different vegetables are mixed in a pot and boiled with anchovies and other spices to make it more palatable. The other hand Bicolanos likes to cook with coconut milk and chilies. Other cooked noodles in soup bowls or simply jumping © Ed with vegetables. The Filipinos, other Asian countries because of their rice staple. The rice is boiled and served with steamed, then all other Filipino dishes.

A of the most famous dishes of the Philippines are the "adobo", which is either chicken or pork, or even can be both, cooked with soy sauce and vinegar. It is a well known dish in the Philippines and people around the world love the taste of this dish home.

Another famous dish to Philippines is "sinigang, a sour soup. The dish can be cooked with all sorts of fish and even meat are cooked with tamarind and vegetables. It is in a typical food of the Philippines in collaboration with the marinade.

The kilawin "plate is also famous in the Philippines, that the ingredients are mixed and marinated in vinegar kalamansi or with salt, pepper, onion and garlic. It is a flat ideal known to bind to alcoholic beverages. Filipinos call these foods as "Pulutan.

Another is the pinakbet "which is a mixture various vegetables such as eggplant, sweet potatoes, ampalaya, okra, tomato, green beans and others. Then flavored with anchovies and then put it all in a pan and baked. It is a famous dish especially for those living in neighborhoods or rural Philippines.

Filipinos are also fond of fried and grilled. They are sprinkled with spices before cooking so it is very tasty and delicious. In some cases, Filipino dishes rice cake served as dessert chef.

These are just some of the many dishes that Filipinos have to offer. There is much that one is welcome to try, whenever you come to visit the amazing country of Philippines.

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