Salt Pepper Shaker

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Salt Pepper shaker

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A Question about salt and Pepper shakers?

My husband and I were discussing Salt and pepper shakers. I say the salt should be the shaker with the most holes. He says the pepper has more holes. What does everyone else think? Does the salt or the pepper shaker have the most holes in the top?

It appears this subject as with the subject of how to mount toilet paper will not have a definitive answer.

I put pepper in the shaker labeled P, and the salt in the shaker labeled S.

Actually S is working all alone now as I now use a pepper mill for pepper. Freshly milled gives pepper a subtly superior taste.

I would vote more holes for salt as salt is not as carefully measured with each shake as is pepper. More people would like to more carefully control the amount of pepper they place on their food. This assumes the holes are of equal measure.

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Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers