Salt shaker and pepper grinder

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Salt shaker and Pepper grinder

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How can I use my pepper grinder / pepper mill?

I bought some time ago and tried to use and keeps loosening and pepper are not released, is it broken? That's exactly what they seem, including salt.

OK, here's the deal. The silver ball at the top is simply used to maintain the high turnover in the plastic pepper grinder. Therefore, unscrew the silver bullet. Fill the unit with the peppercorns. Put upper back plastic and then the silver bullet. Screw the ball on monetary tightening and a return to the page in the bottom of plastic to grind pepper. There should be some resistance and milling feeling when turned on. If this does not turn into the opposite direction. If you have problems maintaining a cookware store and ask for help. I am sure that does not care. I love my Pepper mills and pepper will not rag at all.

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Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers