Sea salt grinder

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Sea Salt grinder

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Atlantic Sea salt to clean my navel piercing?

It was through pride. It's called Atlantic Sea Salt, and glass in a spice mill. Chunks salt are big enough, not as big, but not the grain ... How can I use to clean my navel piercing infected 3 weeks? Please give me as much detail as possible, I want the infection goes away, it hurts!

I have my belly pierced and met the same problem ... Brushing it will prolong the infection if an antibacterial soap it up! Works great! twice a day down inside and outside the hole and move. If you changed the rings is the cause of the infection. leave the ring in the drilling of 6 months

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Salt, also known as sodium or chloride (NaCl) is a vital component of healthy food and balanced. More than half of the human body contains fluids that contain salt. Our blood, tears and saliva contain salt. In addition to salt a day in lost sweat and urine. Salt in the muscles need to function, requiring nerves of salt to convey messages and digestive system can not function without salt. This is why human beings as you can see the salt is very important to us.

Table Salt

Table salt is salt everyday white granular in most kitchens. It is more common salt extracted and then refined to remove other minerals until it is almost pure sodium chloride. You can often find what are called table salt "iodized" This term refers to the fact that the manufacturer has added iodine. This practice began early last century, in cooperation with the government to reduce the minimum possible impact problems such as thyroid goiter, an enlargement of the thyroid due to iodine deficiency.

Taste: slightly metallic uninteresting and can easily become unbearable.

Rock Salt

Rock salt is generally thick and extracted from ancient salt deposits that are the result of body very large quantities of water that evaporates and leaves behind huge deposits of rock salt. Rock salt is less refined as table salt each day and contains more minerals and often more impurities. Rock salt is good for cooking and ideal for use plants in salt. I tend to use rock salt in boiling water like adding salt to water increases its boiling point and therefore reduces the cooking time. I also use rock salt for the purpose of this presentation below the oysters to prevent the filing and appeal visual.

Taste: Rock salt can vary depending on the region in which taste is removed and may possess interesting characteristics.

Sea salt

Sea salt comes in many forms, granules, large crystals and flakes. Sea salt is grown high content screening Wed salt water through a process of evaporation. As the water evaporates salt crystals begin to form, the crystals are then allowed to stand, then removed, drained, dried and ready for use. Sea salt (fish and seafood and elsewhere) naturally contain iodine and is complete, as is often present in common salt is not necessary if a sufficient quantity part of your diet. I tend not to use table salt because I think if the chef has done its job it should not be necessary for adding salt. However, it is a result of salt application I will only flakes of pure sea salt. My personal preference for sea salt is the east coast of the English, a region that has produced beautiful crystal white sweet pastry for centuries.

Taste: When mixtures used in the kitchen seamlessly with food. When used in the table gives a slightly salty taste, without salinity or effect other lip bonded salts. A few flakes on the tongue and its oceanic origin became very clear. Sea salt pays Extra? In my personal opinion and professional, definitely.

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