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Set Salt pepper

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Salt and pepper called "hand painted Hutschenreuther Dresden Saxonia real"?

It has a crown and a shield of the Crown that has the initials CM and human resources. The Shakers are egg-shaped design of white and gold floral accents throughout. Please email for photos.

and what is your question

I am a foodie. Slow food food to be exact. I believe in the value of quality ingredients simmered with care and attention. (Food not just the Fasting is mine)

I'm obsessed with reading cookbooks, magazines and newspapers, and that the links between my 2 favorite loves - reading and cooking!

It is not a food source of inspiration where I live. Definitely, the target markets are among the top consumers scale like cooking and going to restaurants. These are business people busy who have money to spend.

Magazine consists of tens of thousands of readers. The magazine hits the right target consumers in the nose. These readers are "lovers of good food and drink."

Which is why my page displays recent made me laugh.

Full-page ad. (BACK no less) means that cost more than $ 4,000.

What is the department store announced a final cook?

What if you've filled out the coupon (and he took to the store) would have had a chance to win a $ 70 salt and pepper mill set. I mean the ONE for the entire store. One for the promotion.

1 pinch salt and pepper be bad for a potential audience of tens of thousands.

I do not understand.

Fall more than $ 4000 over and above what they paid for a graphic designer to create the ad ... and only give a chance to win a little salt and pepper ($ 70 value) with people who are willing to drive for an hour to get to your shop?

I call it 'kind of thinking McCustomer "

Would You Drive through the city to perhaps salt and pepper?

I do not think I.

Do not think your clients are enthusiastic about the excitable.

Promotions are important for the sale. Absolutely. But they must be promotions that really means something to your customer.

Promotion is to create a sense of urgency, a sense of emotion, yet - a "Ooh - I'd love that! kind of feeling.

What would have made that announcement page Back?

Firstly, I would not have bought a full page interior. I bought a half-page ad (with very cool design) with this offer:

We love our customers experienced!

The first 200 customers will receive free

Salt & Pepper grinder (as seen on Oprah)

($ 70 value).

Or something even more sexy - perhaps a new gadget magazine Gourmet, etc. Or perhaps a free subscription to Gourmet Magazine ... something that really excites gourmets and give them a reason to come to the store now.

And then, after the first 200 - I have something to offer to other customers are rewarded for taking the time to come to the shop and encourage them to buy more.

Remember the fixed cost for salt and pepper stupid, it's probably $ 10.

Is it spent $ 10 to attract a client to be placed on its database of electronic publishing, which will probably spend an average of $ 100 or more per visit and you always return other users FOREVER upscale?


So remember - when you arrive at your next sales promotion and more ... to really think about what your customer wants.

And do not get caught in the trap of thinking small cons term term.

Remember - you want your customers to be "Slow Food" type of customers that stick with you for the long term.

cons which has a McCustomer no loyalty whatsoever.

So there.

Love Your Bossy Sales Diva


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Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers