Stainless steel pepper

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Stainless steel pepper

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You know where I can buy the salt and Pepper shakers that were used in the television series Star Trek Enterprise?

These are Salt and pepper shakers Scott Bakula in character Captain Archer used to eat. They were made of stainless steel balls and looked at the tip of a stick.

That will not help at all, but did you know that some of the tools of Dr. McCoy in the first series were actually Salt and pepper shakers? The laser scalpels? Just wanted to share my random stream of consciousness .....

The advent of the new generation of solar lighting has many possibilities in designing your landscape without the hassle of cables external and fear of loss of power due to short-circuit or close the plant. Its impressive range of models allowed us to reconstruct our landscape make the best advantage of our landscape garden.

Green spaces are the area that is more soothing to eyes. Some scientific discoveries reported during search hours in the green areas to help reduce myopia. Therefore, we can begin to practice this type of activity to improve our vision of the eye. With a shorter total body length of light, short tube lights stainless steel solar is a perfect combination for green space. He just the right height and fits well with the green areas, maintaining high visibility of green areas. Just demolish it and expose the solar cells to sunlight without the hassle of making a long electric cable source. On the day, is so quiet in the context of green space by the flicker breeze in the garden. In the evening, offering a pleasant glow to clarify areas of body bright green and silver is most striking.

Flowers and shrubs enliven the garden with color petals. Use lamps long tube stainless steel sun rises elegantly above the bushes in search of a modern garden. You can choose to leave small gaps between the flowers and tubes of sun lamps to be a point of discussion. Simply tear in the right place at ground level and expose the solar cells to sunlight without the vision of ugly cables run around the earth. At night, lights well flowers and their surroundings with a warm atmosphere. In fact, it is a perfect complement to our house and garden.

Pepper rocks and boulders favorites are lovers of nature to your home and garden. Rock also be mixed with water very interesting feature, especially when that gleam under running water. Stone Solar Spot Light can achieve the dual objective as a mixture of the nature of the object and a slight stain on the landscape. With the ground in light of the greenery and flowers, glow in the specific area of a peak a special place. Nature lovers will also love the other stone solar lights as the number of residential addresses of Solar Stone as the complement ideal for your garden.

Position lights are usually made of stainless steel or plastic. With the arrival of new light stone post cylinder, nature lovers will want this due to the construction of stone body a natural blend so well in nature. At night, the stone cylinder closure postlight serves equally well as traditional taillights. Its ultra-bright LED bulb provides an elegant high gloss which makes the atmosphere a touch of Romanticism. Another big rock light rock solar lights that the sunspot number and home address of the Rock Solar can be a perfect complement to your garden, nature of mixture.

The decor that resembles the texture of the stone is worthy of consideration in the nature of the mixture of garden. Not only used to improve the appearance of the rock is also a beacon in the dark spot. At the height of about 15 "tall, holding the sun squirrel stands as a sacred animal owner torch in Olympia. Surrounded by large stones as the background to make the perfect image for nature lovers. The choice of sunlight and celebration Frog Turtle celebration Sunlight is also good to complete the collection. This animal lighting make this magic in your garden.

In this modern life, we must learn to slow down our pace of life and relieve our minds of modern money chasing world. Bringing the Best of our landscaped garden with our spirit and soul music back to the heart of Mother Nature.

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Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers