Unicorn pepper

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Unicorn pepper

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During excavations of Mohenjo-Daro in Pakistan, the old ancient civilization of the Indus Valley unfolds its mystery. Although historians can not gather much information on the religions of the ancient valley, but it is clear that we respect the laws of nature.
They believed that nature is the only source of food security, safety and environmental health. So pay respect there is for birds and animals loved trees and other natural objects as their benefactors. They form images of these objects of worship. This is evident from the labels that the experts found during excavations in the region, these images. Unicorn image is present in large numbers of seals at one time is also sacred to them. They also have images of gods Seal of worship. Has elegant and impressive statue of a priest or community leaders.

The owners, priests, officials, merchants and traders are seen as powerful and respected in those ages. There is no social status depends financial situation and the political and social influence. The accumulation of wealth in the hands of individuals. They enjoy all the luxuries of life.

There was no evidence on the Indus Valley there was a king's ship. It is assessed by evidence that the Board was composed of people influential in society for the administration. This is the system running the valley over 700 years and generate nearly 30 times higher this one shows with success.

It has not been well established systems for the repair of doors, wall protection, managed sales and maintain the functioning drainage system.

All administration was working well and there was no evidence of an army. There was no evidence of all war prisoners, because they are not registered anywhere as is evident in other ancient civilizations. There was no evidence of the monuments of the victory of the war found. Historians said they were a peaceful society with a large space for administration and not the wars and conquests.


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