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Difference between trading name and LTD company name?

I'm currently in the process of opening a computer repair and retail shop. I've registered it as a limited company because we have two people running it, however I'm confused as to what to use for a trading name.

For example our company is called 'PCREPAIRSLIVERPOOL LTD' but I wouldn't that. What are the limitations and where can I check what I can advertise as my shops name?

For example if I wanted to have the sign on my shop saying 'PC Repairs Liverpool'.

Sorry if this sounds confusing, it is for me too!

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

Limited companies are given a name when they are created and registered with Companies House. In your case this is "PCREPAIRSLIVERPOOL LTD".

When a sole trader or partnership does business the "default" name of the business is the names of the proprietor(s) - eg "Smith and Jones" or "J Smith" or "John Smith and William Jones".

If any business (company, partnership, or sole trader) trades under another name (eg "Jones Plumbing" or "Super Plumbers") then that name is subject to certain rules. There is no requirement to register as such, but certain words are banned and certain words can only be used with permission, usually from a trade body or government department.

Although this sounds like a problem the list is fairly short and the restricted words are a matter of common sense. EG, you can't use words which are indicative of certain professions or links to the state.

Other than this, you cannot use a name which someone else has trademarked, or a name which another business is already using in such a way as you take advantage of their goodwill.

Essentially, you can assume that any national or well known local business name is out of bounds. So you could not use "PC World" or "PC World Liverpool". But "PC Repairs Liverpool" would be OK unless there was an existing business using that name in your area.

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