Wood Salt Pepper

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Wood Salt pepper

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Why does the taste of southern fried chicken is not as good as grandma?

I know I'm doing about the same thing. I use flour, salt, pepper and butter. I fry mine in lard. But Grandma had a box behind the stove to get the fat out. I think that is a mixture of bacon grease, lard and other fats for frying. Anyone out there in May, which older than me who can tell me what was there. This all goes back to the days before everyone was afraid of refrigarating not all. I refer to when wood stoves and not refrigrator. Guess I was not very clear. I have the same recipe. I guess I ask is the difference because of the fat of my grandmother's box behind the stove did not know what it was at the same time. bacon grease and everything else? I am sure that a big difference in taste. If I want Famous Amos ® Chocolate Chip Cookies. I obtained top secret recipes.

LOL yes - the grandmother may be left out an ingredient hand. Why not go to http://www.topsecretrecipes.com/home.asp - You may find that Grandma better anyway!.

Almost all those who have concocted a beef heart to say one thing first, and always cook the breast with the fat side up. Thought is fat as it melts during cooking, the drops of flavor and seeps into the meat, keep it moist, so it is tender.

The truth is that fat is not really soak in the flesh at all, but the flesh is exhausted and the fire. This process causes heat to fluctuate much during cooking, creating an experience very uneven and unpredictable barbecue in the kitchen.

Cook with fat side allows the fat to substance drip onto the heat source, which creates a delicious smoky flavor that goes to the preservation and meat. The connective tissue is what keeps meat tender and juicy. The ground fabric when the internal temperature of meat reaches 160 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity of the press in the tissue in meat, so it is tender.

Fat Down Use this method, you do not really buy full-sized chest (10 + lbs.). You can cook smaller, with ornaments and breast that is common in many supermarkets, and is more suited for families or small groups.

A method beef brisket cooking using charcoal, you can have a barbecue skirt, or other large cuts of meat, for a maximum of 12 hours, keep the fire under slow and uniform. It is the ideal method for cooking the night, as did virtually all the work itself.

Use a Weber Smokey Mountain Grill (smoking), or a grid similar to that for slow cooking and perfect breasts.

1) Place the breast meat with the side fat side down on a clean work surface. Trimming fat disk, if necessary. Peel the tough outer surface may be the meat.

2) In a medium bowl, mixing a massage with 2 tablespoons each of these ingredients:

-ground black pepper

Granulated sugar


Although Chile powder

Also add and mix 2 c. Tea each:

garlic salt

-onion salt

-celery salt

-salt to taste

Cover and rub this mixture over the breast. Place chicken in the refrigerator. Once the fire is ready, proceed directly to the smoker. This results in the ring better smoke.

3) Using a smoker, as ex-Weber, fill the ring down with a chimney of charcoal briquettes starter complete stop. Turn another 15-20 briquettes in chimney starter. Once they start burn in the flames and ashes of inflection Pour gently over the closure of briquettes to the ring. Add the pieces of wood on top, if desired. Ports to open completely.

4) Place the center section at the top of the bottom section and place the pot of water on top. Fill the pot with water and was in the cooking grates. Clean the cooking grate above with a wire brush. Place the breast with the fat side down, on the top rack. Put the lid on the smoker, the ventilation Top open. Place a thermometer in the vent holes to display the temperature inside the smoker. Close the vents is less than half. The temperature in the smoker is reduced to about 250 degrees, when the fund closes inclinations 3 / 4 of the road.

5) Your breasts take about 1 1 / 2 hours per pound to cook properly. The internal temperature is the most important indicator cooking, which should reach 190 degrees in the greater section thickness of meat. You should not have to add charcoal throughout the process cooking. Just set the bottom of the hole occasionally to keep the temperature between 225 and 250 degrees Fahrenheit. You may simply fill the water pan (use hot water) at some point through the second part of the smoking habit.

6) Once the internal temperature of the part the thicker breast reaches 190 degrees, remove from smoker and wrap in two layers slightly foil. Place the breasts in a refrigerator (without icing), and let steep for about 3 hours. This allows the breast more tender, while keeping warm in the refrigerator.

7) When serving, unwrap the chest, to preserve the juices. Pour the juice into a bowl to serve, or use of these juices to make a barbecue sauce of your choice.

8) Slide a small knife between the two sections, and separate the muscles. Remove any excess fat from both sections and cut flesh from the bottom against the grain. The top is the best for sandwiches, chopped or just eat. Hot with juice or serve barbecue sauce on the side.

What to finish with the best brisket roast beef anywhere. Enjoy.

Billy Bristol is the editor and chief BBQ pitmaster for TexasBarbeques.com, an outdoor cooking and entertaining website devoted to backyard living. TexasBarbeques.com has been providing barbecue recipes, cooking tips, grilling techniques, and backyard entertainment ideas since 2005.


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