Ying yang twins salt shaker

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Ying yang twins Salt shaker

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Jammin What now?

Ying yang twins salt shaker ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJeakzqejM8&feature=related

The woman, who else? lol

Need some ideas for playing a game, or just go dancing? A Here is my list of best dance music from hip-hop out there today ...

Gold Digger by Kanye West

Chamillionaire Turn It Up

Bubber Band Man by TI

Hynotize by Young Jeezy

30 Something Jay-Z

Ms. Jackson by Outkast

Get Low by Ying Yang Twins

Lean Back by Fat Joe

Yeah Usher

Get in the floor by DMX

Bya bomb Black Eyed Peas

Blunt Ashes by Nas

Jesus Walks by Kanye West

Go Getta by Young Jeezy

Over Here Hustlin 'by Lil 'Wayne

Salt Shaker by Ying Yang Twins

So how these songs stand out as the best hip hop dance? The video? Some something that protrudes into a club? Indeed, the list is biased to my personal tastes: I like things more exciting with lyrical rhythm pulse important behind her, leaning over Outkast, Nas, Eminem and Kanye West tracks principles rather than tracks or Ying Yang Twins Young Jeezy. However, I have included some of his songs and complete the list.

I also tried to put aside most of the songs hop underground / Hip Rap to keep as accessible as possible. Most if not all of these songs could be played in clubs or MTVA appear on a rap video. Of course, I could play or Ras Kass, Dead Prez, but most people at a party, at least the ones I go to they have no idea who they are. Aa song is strange, no matter how it is hot, most likely to have a better response if people know the music and sing with him. Suppose that is why there are As cover bands in bars ... Finally, I included several songs in recent years, rather than listing just a "what is hot right now "playlist of new music. Golddigger Either believe it will be a good reaction at a party missing the point (unless it is marriage). Â

If you want to know more about good Hip Hop Dance, see Pandora, a free radio service that plays music based on your gender selected. you can always delete the songs you dislike, and record the music that you imagine in your party.

That is my list for now. What songs you include in your list of hip hop dance?

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