Pepper grinders

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Pepper grinders

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Does black pepper cause cancer?

My roommate has a pepper mill, and I love fresh ground pepper. I got all we can to put pepper in, especially the pasta. my girlfriend told me that you really should stop because the pepper causes cancer. This is an important bio and is safe to read his book. I could not find online sources, but I found some sources say that peppers (paprika specifically) really fight cancer cells. Yes, the black pepper really cause cancer?

She has not read a book. I'm sure of that. Things to do Somebody's up. So, no, no.

Choosing a gift should be an enjoyable experience - for most of us, the hardest part is coming up with an all time great idea.

Of course choosing and purchasing the right gift is only the start. Next it’s trying to organise the wrapping or it and ensuring it arrives to the recipient looking a million dollars no matter how much has been spent. More and more gifts are now being sent by courier or mail with friends and family often living some miles away. With work and life commitments making many of us victims of having very little time and leaving jobs like gift purchasing to the last minute, the ability to be able to find a gift, purchase it online from that outlet and even have it wrapped or gifted boxed and sent direct to the recipient, we doesn’t get any more convenient and helpful.

Fragrances are always a popular choice. Fine fragrances are not usually purchased yourself as they can be quite expensive. The nature of the beautiful bottles and packaging make a fragrance gift something really special. 'niche' fine fragrances can now be purchased from specialist department stores sourced from around the world so you can be sure of buying a unique scent that is not available on every high street. Fragrances make great gifts for him too. Men are even less likely to purchase an aftershave for themselves. There is now a huge choice of men’s fragrances ranging from the heavy and more traditional scents to the fresh and lively modern scents.  

There is no doubt about it, today's generation are far more aware of their surroundings than they ever used to be and being 'house proud' is certainly not uncommon. Be it bathroom, living room or kitchen it is the 'small detail' that matters. Kitchens are now spectacular areas used for both cooking and entertaining. Quirky Kitchen gadgets in the form of timers, bottle openers and Salt and pepper grinders for example make fantastic gifts being practical and useable at the same time.

Tyrers home range will inevitably grow over the coming years but as a flavour of what we believe to be ultra chic, whilst practical, we have chosen a few select ranges to show case our 'home offer', from the genius work of Alessi, to the master craftsmanship behind Dal Negro chess and watch boxes. Every product is carefully selected and represents the typical standard unique to independent thinking...

Like diamonds, accessories are a girl's best friend and not to be underestimated. Handbags, shoes and jewellery set the scene each fashion season. Accessories make great gifts for her as unlike clothing and lingerie, buying the correct size doesn’t matter. Accessories can be a personal gift and show the giver of the gift understands the style and taste of the recipient.

Department stores should be the first port of call when looking for great gift ideas. They stock a large cross section of articles for men, women and children of all ages and tastes. Department store assistants are often very helpful and advice can be sought. A very comforting thought for many men when buying for their loved one!

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