How to Start Collecting Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers

vintage-salt-and-pepper-shakerAre you interested in collecting salt and Pepper shakers but don’t know how to get started?   It is actually pretty easy to get into this interesting collectibles hobby.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get started since your own, or family members have among their kitchen items a vintage salt or Pepper shaker or two that will get you started.  Salt and pepper shakers can be found at almost any antique store, thrift store or flea market. These collectibles appear to be a favorite among avid kitchen item collectors, and the rarer the pair, the more valuable they often are. Here are several pointers for how to collect Salt and pepper shakers.

Research the many types of salt and pepper shakers available.  Nodders (bobble heads), hangers, and minis are only a few of the styles. Names of styles generally refer to a feature of the shaker.

Look into collecting salt and pepper shakers that are in series. Series sets are always more collectible and desirable.

When shopping in antique stores or at auctions inspect the shakers for any signs of damage, cracking or paint peeling. Salt is naturally corrosive and over time will erode away paint and plastic. Stoppers may be missing but can easily be replaced. if you are shopping on line at places like eBay ask the sellers to describe what you are considering buying and ask questions regarding the condition of the item.

Test all working parts on nodders and mechanical salt and pepper shakers. Look for any signs of leaking on snow dome shakers. All parts must work and move freely.

Be aware that many salt and pepper sets are a married set.  Married sets are different pieces brought together to form one seemingly matched set. Typical married sets can include bench sets that offer a non-original bench.

Consider collecting entire lines of salt and pepper shakers. A popular line is the gas pump line created for service stations in the 1950s and 1960s. This line is made of hard plastic in very bold colors.

Contact a local antiques dealer to help identify new sources for salt and pepper shakers. Salt and pepper collector communities can be found online and through dealers. These groups serve as an invaluable networking resource. Check your local area newspapers for local auctions or estate sales since these serve as excellent sources for Vintage salt and pepper shakers.

Keep your eyes on the auctions on eBay and come back here to search and find collectible vintage salt and pepper shakers in our easy to navigate display of eBay auctions

Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers