Cobalt Blue

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Cobalt Blue

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What kind of makeup with a cobalt blue dress?

I have olive skin, green eyes and blonde hair light brown. the dress is blue cobalt and simple, which crosses in the back and a V-neck front. It's back home ... What kind of eye makeup I wear? colors? thanks. 🙂

Tu dress is a kind of dark color for smoky eyes and nude lips to maintain, because the dress is pink and brown with a bright pink blush Nice. Oh, and remember to give your hair a beautiful, soft curls, romantic actually a bit of attention and chandelier earrings /. =)

Pulmonaria hybrid

Over the years, the number and quality of hybrid lung has significantly increased and improved. Most hybrids in EU countries at the beginning, where they grow native plants have been discovered as wild or garden. Is Dan Heims Nurseries Terra Nova in Oregon that really started a breeding program aimed at them. Only a handful of selected cultivars are available pulmonaria EU United States, and many exist only in small nurseries specializing in the EU. With few exceptions, the U.S. market is dominated by the introduction of Terra Nova.

The current generation of hybrids were introduced by P. Roy Davidson. This seedling of 'Bertram P. Anderson longifolia (and probably P. saccharata) took place in the garden of the late Seattle producer Roy Davidson. Like his father, P. Roy Davidson is very tolerant of heat and humidity. The blue flowers are very bright against the dark P. Blue Bertram Anderson. This introduction is the father of a Many of the best cultivars today.

Another group that has changed our conception of pulmonaria was the way of the road solid silver First known as P. saccharata Argentea. P. Sterling (an introduction by Henry Ross of England Adrian Bloom) was the first of these forms of money Solid to hit the market, but distribution was poor and the plant was subject to reversion. "Majesty" P., a selection much improved (Sold in 1988) soon followed, and that the introduction of French children Didier La Ferme Fleurie Willery was a lot more ground high with an officer of public relations best. "Majesty" P. (A seed found near a group of Mrs. P.. Moon) has velvety silver leaves pure ... Not a spot of green in the leaves. The first time I've seen in older children Washfield the UK in the mid 90s. Since then, this plant was even more beautiful hybrid with P. Pulmonaria longifolia create new leaves in sterling silver with a tolerance of heat. One of my favorites is P. Samurai. Ten years after the introduction of "Majesty" P. Didier is the cross of the original P. Majesty and P. longifolia var. cevennensis. "Samurai" P. is an excellent group of narrow leaves of silver, cobalt blue flowers covered the spring.

"The milk spilled" P., and P. Excaliber PP 8958, patented in 1994, began the revolution of Terra Nova Nurseries pulmonaria in Oregon. Since then, Terra Nova, has introduced more than 20 pulmonaria new hybrid (mostly patented), of which 17 occurred during the phase of pulmonary tuberculosis between 1997 and 2002. (Until the end of 2009). Of these, 11 are still currently in commercial production. Some hybrids are also other important Pulmonaria be available on the market (2010).

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