Rooster Hen

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Rooster Hen

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How old is a chicken has to be before we can say whether the chicken or the rooster?

I know I have chickens and roosters At what age I can say, and some characteristics to be determined soon.

In about 2-3 months, starts to say whether it is a rooster or a hen. Roosters begin to develop the long tail feathers and spurs. Also begin flying to 4-6 months. Roosters will be brighter and larger waddles and combs. The chickens are long tail feathers and spurs are not bright or large comb and waddles.

If you're like most people, you probably spend 50% of their time in your kitchen. This is the fourth most commonly used for other than the family room for most families! Want to make this room is beautiful and comfortable. There are several things you can do to give your kitchen a environment that your family and visitors love.

If you still have hanging baskets on the walls or sitting on your cabinets, as part of the decoration your kitchen, it's time for a makeover! Do you decorate the country house style? If yes, you can certainly continue to use your baskets it Just A brilliant piece of fabric sewn country profile. A topic type of agriculture decoration would be perfect for you. There are many articles available for use in clocks style Gallo, wall plates and dishes for the cookie jars and figurines cow. You can even get a basket of chicken eggs style that is charming!

If you have empty wall in your kitchen or dining room is the perfect place for a shelf bakery. Whether in wood, metal or wrought iron may be added to all your favorite country accents - numbers, rooster teapots decorated some small plants or candles, anything you want. This adds a warm and cozy in your kitchen.

Another great addition to your kitchen decorative wall plaques country! They add a tremendous amount of color for your walls, and rustic colors commonly used in href = ""> rooster kitchen decor is warm and welcoming. If you have the type of plates wall hanging vertically, add a picture of country on each side of the screen for a beautiful addition to your kitchen or dining room.

Do you have an island in your kitchen? If so, add a pot holder hanging wrought iron provide an environment that is more in your room. Red or dark blue pots and pans hanging from your pot rack matches well with the colors I use in decorating the country.

As you can see, there are dozens of ways to update your kitchen with rustic accents. This decorating style evokes memories childhood from my grandmother - that wonderful warm and loving, he was! You can create the same feeling in your home country with only accents and a little imagination.

Want to make your kitchen a warm and inviting space for family and friends? Country style home decor will do just that - and it's very easy to achieve this look.

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