Salt and pepper shakers

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Salt and Pepper shakers

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Trying to sell Salt and pepper shakers!?

Does anyone know someone who meets, or would be interested by buying a collection of 1700 games of salt and pepper shakers? In addition to e-Bay, what is the best way to sell these? I inherited and I am ready to get rid of them! Please help!

You can search for collectors and antique dealers in your area specializing in Kitchenalia. Beyond that, I'm sure there are some very old, whether it belonged her grandmother. My grandmother had a collection of 800 .. not so for yours, of course .. lol .. but .. remains important, and I grew up watching these things through the doors glass cabinet, was in finally had enough of them and sold them !!!!! a garage sale, most of them have less than a whole dollar! I am sure that many of them were more than that since he had met since childhood. So first try to find one or two people who would gladly come and see and give you an idea of the value of some of the most unique. Do not attempt first books of Lock, Stock and Barrel. There can be real treasures there. Google only for collectors and dealers in your area first. And good luck! 🙂

Spring is a time where the trees and flowers awaken to bask in the sunshine and warm temperatures that we feel heading our way. We view this time as one where we see the rich green leaves and grass and flowers of many colors showing their faces and covering what has been a rather bare landscape for months, now a blanket of color. When planning a wedding during this time of year the focus for the variety of spring wedding favors and decorations reflect the vibrant hues we see emerging all around us.

With the use of these attractive decorative pieces throughout the reception area you can enhance your guests experience making it a bright, sunny and uplifting environment. When planning a wedding that has the theme of the season you can help but come across hundreds of options with various flowers. Candle in small vases with flowers on the face of them, floral images on bookmarks, picture frames, flowers contained inside gel candles and one unique idea are small sachet in a heart shape that contain wildflower seeds so that guests can have an ongoing memory of your special day when these beautiful seeds blossom into colorful flowers.

Some other wedding favor ideas could be peas in a pod that are a small set of salt and pepper shakers. Place card holders using flowers will keep the theme flowing with flip flops that you'd wear on a sunny day or a small frame with lilies sprouting up the side of the frame. Each of these items create the setting and the spring favors and wedding decorations will work hand in hand to make it a sunny, uplifting and very happy day.

The spring favors and decorations give you plenty of variety to choose items that suit your taste and style. Your wedding day will blossom into a spectacular one filled with color and a bright cheery space when the room is filled with unique items that signal the season. Spring is such a beautiful time of year and a spring wedding will give you the chance to capture all the wonderful imagery in every detail of the day.

Looking for spring decorations to decorate your wedding reception tables? The calla lily is a time tested favor and an excellent choice!

Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers