Aluminum salt shaker

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Aluminum Salt shaker

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Imagine you just won the election to submit a tender. What to choose?

1. An all expenses paid trip for two to Niles, Michigan, for three weeks, with accommodation at the Red Roof Inn and three meals a day at Burger King for two. 2. The Amana toaster and put a spoon in the home, and an additional from "Porky" salt shaker and a box of cookies thin mint Girl Scout every day on the trip. 3. Seventy-five year supply of Trojans. 4. Seven days Navigation down the irrigation ditch in beautiful Channel Deluth, Minnesota its own aluminum boat. A canteen of water can full of club soda crackers for animals fun and enjoyment once a day. 5. The beautiful bra and belt is linked with Cubic Zirconia Tiffany Rose at the end of each cup and a frog embroidered pants set. 6. Six hundred copies of the new DVD of Hannah Montana singing Star Spangled Banner through backup Willie Nelson. And finally, 7. Fifty dollars.

1. No, I will go to Michigan, especially for three weeks. I miss my girl! 2. You already have a toaster 3. It is not necessary that the Trojans can not have children over 4. I do not want to leave Minnesota. 5. CZS not want, I want the real diamond. 6. Can not take too many Hannah Montana .... THE PRICE OF THE ELECTION ........ 7. You could use $ 50.00 to always fill the gas tank!

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