Battery operated pepper

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Battery operated pepper

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What, if any, are the secret (s) to avoid the deer (and rabbit, if possible) in a garden? I heard your hair?

We live in a dirt road full of deer. I thought maybe battery powered motion detector lights? and keep away deer varmits. I just want to grow the base ... tomatoes, mixed peppers, cauliflower and perhaps broccli. Open to suggestions.

Ok, I am very aware that I live in the neighborhood where they are everywhere and people feed them! Ugh, no animals devour the twins. When I moved here I planted flowers (pink) and vegetables, and then the battle began. I did not know dessert was planting deer. I spent many days on the lawn shouting at total devastation. And I'm not talking total. My neighbors tried spraying motion sensor. They learn then in year 1, do not work. My other neighbor has tried human urine, coyote urine, urine and puma. Not good. Therefore, man sought and hair of the dog. Not good. 3rd neighbor tried Irish Spring soap. No results. What saved me was a couple of things. I found the UNI @ Davis has found barriers to 3 'addition to deter deer. Deer can jump either vertically or horizontally, but not both simultaneously. I put the fishing line wrapped around the posts, 2 feet high and 3 m distance. They hated and not cross. Then in another area, I DeerAway a stream of rotten eggs. I sprayed as recommended. Very effective except fawns. It seems tasting fry are ready for anything, including toxic and bad. Finally, I have a Labrador mix. From 2 months, I learned that deer were monsters, and monsters out when she learned that she had to say. She is 8 months and going crazy when he hears outside. After years of hunting, they have learned to let go of my precious garden. Not only have I had any problems, but I'm also a wonderful companion.

A collection is not, for example, a series of dishes that you buy in a box at Walmart or Bloomingdale's. You can have good food, but not a collection. If you were a "West Wing" fan, you may remember Michael Douglas in his role as President of the United States call the Wing Collection West China "room flat. Well, the "plates" in this example is a collection.

If you have a fabulous game of Wedgewood China displayed in your wardrobe from China, not a collection yet. The key word here is "whole." "Collection" is exactly that entails - take care or not so carefully collected items from different places at different times. Not necessarily be of great value. They may not even be beautiful. You can have no meaning for you. Two objects are not a collection. In other words, Salt and pepper is added to the rear a range is not a collection. Three, four, or a salt and pepper, half a dozen games that appear on a shelf could be the beginning of a collection. A half-dozen unnamed portfolios hanging from a tree room is not a collection. Three or more scholarships Judith Lieber sat almost everywhere is a collection.

When a collection of becoming the disorder? In the interior, the disorder is when you have objects too disparate or distributed on the surface so little or nothing has escaped, regardless of its beauty, its value or importance to you. The disorder is when you get feedback friends, relatives and acquaintances, such as: "You have stuff" mocking which means they do not know what to do with everything. Or: "Your house looks lived-in "In other words, you do not have time to clean up the mess. Clutter is difficult to distinguish trash treasure.

As the grouping of several objects together allows the eye to rest and collection to be appreciated. When he if people are crammed make a game of counting, something has gone wrong. Articles should be well on screen and have some relationship to each other. For example, a kitchen, iron pots old antique silver spoons can make a series of major collections in the same room because their relationship is that they are kitchen utensils.

A good rule of thumb is "less is more. Stash some of their collections and change them when you're passing what was once a coveted treasure, and now all of you, but he understood. This makes the collection even more important and surprising. It will also develop your space and visitors are suspected of having redecorated.

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