Bird Salt

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Bird Salt

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I can feed my baby bird sunflower seeds with salt?

I'm tired of feeding.

NO, why can not digest or expel birds fine salt from their bodies and it is really bad for them. I do this kind of bird is, but I suggest you find a specific source of bird (the one with all vitamins, calcium, potassium, etc.) that is perfect for the species and age of birds. If you tell us more, age and species, you get a much more useful.

Birds like to eat food

What do birds eat? We come here to my favorite topic: I'm a glutton is great why we try to please my birds.

The staple food is millet parrot. It is sold in every "bird" of the shop. It should always be enough millet into the bird cage, bird know to eat a lot. They also like much but only oats oats (unpeeled, quite natural) which I have seen anywhere in stores: -. ((This is only an addition in combined foods that variant oats commitment can be given ..

They also enjoy sunflower seeds, but are not cooked, of course, with sunflower seeds, in its sole birds several times a month, because it contains a lot of big and brave bird. Before giving the bird is good to hit a few (you eat more easily.)

They love vegetables! Die cucumbers, lettuce, carrots, peppers and pepper seeds (not hot!). They also eat cabbage. Be careful with nitrates! They are particularly harmful to birds and can kill if it is possible to avoid buying food grown in green - houses.

Other "green food", which closely resembles natural grass fresh and tender. I as ryegrass, clover especially sofa - or some grass thing you want, but not grass! Something you should never give the parsley! I do not know why, but it is well written in the books and "experiences tn 'he did what will happen to them if I feed the birds with parsley.

Give them fresh fruit possibility Apple (They like it because the grains of seeds), pears, plums, and squash. I did not know that, like citrus.

All fruits and vegetables should be washed well.

boiled egg (one room for two birds' eggs) at least once a month - hard Dales. Since supplies of protein and vitamin D.

Do not discard the skin! Add finely chopped. It provides them with calcium.

Another source of calcium is chalk. Birds chew with gusto, sure So always provide the chalk in the cage.

Birds like to eat bread. No matter what type it is. Place a small piece of bread dipped between the bars and focus on what your appetite back to you.

You should always have sand in the bird cage (which is why I have says you should buy two ships of power.) They need sand to help digest food. Food does not go directly to the stomach of the bird. Prior to remain some time in your throat. Not because of the enzymes and sand every grain foods are made broken into pieces, and digested softening preliminary. The sand must be fine, So is it must be sifted and eliminate fractions in bulk, because it can block the throat of the "bird art is mandatory wash the sand boil for a qualifying time in hot water, dry it and then only to give the birds. sand of the sea - is very appropriate but must be well - flushing of salt! The salt is not very useful for birds.

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