Buy salt and pepper shakers

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Buy salt and Pepper shakers

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Pfaltzgraff stoneware is a tradition at the holiday table in our family since she received as a wedding gift for our wedding. I fell in love Yorktowne with the owner and must have, and of course, I enrolled in his family and friends and we started with the basic service of plates, bowls, cups and saucers, as our gift, and some of the nicer pieces that served a bowl, cream pitcher and sugar bowl.

On our honeymoon, we Pflatzgraff store in a mall with outlet stores and went a little crazy, buying an electric kettle, water or juice jugs, towel, a can cookies and cartridge overall configuration Yorktowne itself.

As time progressed, I added the glasses and covered in the same model. I added much more beautiful, functional pieces that have served us well and created a truly beautiful setting table for the holidays with their immediate and extended family. Now I am serving dishes and bowls, a soup spoon, candlesticks, and even Salt shakers and pepper shakers that match too.

It may not a series of ancient China, but all Pfaltzgraff stoneware has served our family well served Many delicious foods, and has seen a lot of family love. I therefore intend to transmit to my children one day but not before enjoying the many holiday meals with her on my desk!

Dishwasher, my game is much more practical and easier to clean than the luxury of China, and early American Yorktowne model corresponds to our cottage and Nice modern dà © cor. Really nice dishes to make a gift wonderful for newlyweds and young families, and I never regretted my registry Pfaltzgraff!

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Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers